Monday, May 31, 2010

What Cee be on... Tame Impala

So I've really gotten into Tame Impala recently. Missed their show the other week in Melbourne, and the boys are currently headed to the US to travel around the country with MGMT. Top work.

Check out the single 'Solitude Is Bliss' from their debut album 'Innerspeaker'. Video is pretty strange but I really the music.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ageism in Hip Hop?

Before I even get started on my rant, check the video below of Havoc from Mobb Deep's thoughts on rappers getting their first break in their 30's.

Alright. Coming from Havoc, a respected MC/producer who dropped his first album at 16 (with Prodigy, Mobb Deep's 'Juvenile Hell'), this is an interesting point. Who the fuck says that the point of view of a 16 year old is more valid than that of a 30 year old?

Let me put this in perspective. I'm now 29, and I've been rapping since I was 15, but only taking it seriously since I was like 23 or 24, and really seriously since maybe 27. Now, if I had have had a 'break' when I was 23, I know for a fact that there is NO WAY that my music back then would be anywhere near as solid as it is now.

I've learned so much over the past few years that I finally feel I'm ready to deliver a solid product that is worth people investing their time and money into. But my worldly (or not so worldly) point of view as a 23 year old, according to Havoc, is more valuable than the me of today?

That argument makes no fucking sense. So yes, fuck you Havoc. Just because shit hasn't come together for someone by the time they're 30 - whether they're an MC or in a band - doesn't mean that they should automatically kill their dreams. That's insane. It's nothing short of ageism, which is one of the most ridiculous biases in the modern era, as it puts the youth on a pedestal over experience and wisdom.

I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on this, folks...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mista Encore - The World Is Yours (official video)

Mista Encore, a producer from Long Branch, NJ, hit me up with this video dude just shot for the first single off his latest LP, 'Elevator Music', which you can grab and stream on Mista Encore's website.

Not only a talented beatsmith, knocking out 10 of the 14 beats on 'Elevator Music', but Mista Encore is an MC, and y'all can check the skills on the video above for 'The World Is Yours'. Smoothly shot, the simple black and white imagery compliment the positive, uplifting lyrics.

Definitely check this cat out, an up and comer with promise.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Twice in a week

So the ladies are finna be jealous and the guys are gonna feel for me.

Check the above trailer. Lucky me got to see this fucking film twice in the space of a week. Yup.

It's late night Friday and I thought I'd share my pain. I work for a film distributor and got to check out the flick last week at a work screening, part of the job. All good. Then I got offered premiere tickets. So I took it due to the jealousy factor from broads, plus the free piss.

However, my boss and Ryan from YouTube took us out at 4pm for beers at Bridie O'Reilley's and got me fucking smashed before hitting the premiere, which was awesome, but then I damn near fell asleep. It was worse the second time around.

Anyway, I'm home, I'm drunk as hell still, and tired as shit. And this is about as interesting as I'ma get right now. Night folks.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

G.No aka The Latin Bird (ft. Bizzy Bone) 'PAZ' (video)

G.No aka The Latin Bird (ft. Bizzy Bone) 'PAZ' from on Vimeo.

Huge shouts to the big homie P.R for landing this one!

Check out the video for G.No's new single, 'Paz' ('peace' in Spanish), featuring Bizzy Bone, and produced by P.R! Some huge shit for the is low budget but fresh, shot in France. Worldwide baby!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wax & Dumbfoundead are Clockwise – “It’s On” (video)

Y'all might know Wax from the Wax & EOM project.

Y'all might know Dumbfoundead from the 2 on 2 rap battle circuit.

Y'all prolly don't know Clockwise. Now you do. You're welcome.

And on an extremely unrelated note, Jay-Z and Jack White are working together. Rad.

Tokyo Cigar as Akira Parker "FROZEN FLESH, UGLY SOUL"

Peace. I proudly present my first official instrumental album. This album is an audio snapshot of my life growing up in different countries and reflects different styles of music i was exposed to. From Hip hop, to Electronica to Jazz. It's pretty much all filtered through my insane brain and manifested in the music on this album. My homie WGmeets also contributed some pictures that he took from his own world travels for the artwork.

I hope you all enjoy the album. 200% LOVE went into making it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jermiside & Danny Diggs: Afraid (feat Maverick Sabre) (video)

The homie Jermiside has been at it for a minute. Part of the Lessondary crew with Tanya Morgan, the ATL resident (via Cincinatti) has been putting in major work, and now he's about to drop his album with Irish producer Danny Diggs, 'Middle Classic', on HiPNOTT Records.

Check the press release:

"Afraid", featuring Irish singer Maverick Sabre, is presented visually in this stunning video that was written, directed, and edited by Ilyas (of Tanya Morgan). The song itself is an excellent example of the type of feel good hip hop Middle Classic represents as a whole.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bullfighter gets it in the mouth

So this is some messed up footage, but I think an important point is made here.

I'm a little behind on general shit that happens due to my lack of interest in mainstream media. So this might be old news, so please forgive me if that is the case.

However, for those who ain't already know, a bullfighter in Madrid, Spain was murked in the throat during a recent fight (check the link for full details), as is bound to happen when you taunt a bull with a red flag and stab the poor beast. Now this was a particularly horrific one, as you're about to see. Not only did the bull's horn go through dude's throat but it came out of his mouth. Word.

So what was the first reaction? Rush the dude to hospital. Of course. But what of the 6 or so bulls that are killed mercilessly each fight?

Look, I fucks with Spanish/Latin culture. But this shit is as archaic as religion and saving it for marriage. What the fuck do you expect to happen when you do this shit? Seriously. And then folks trip out when dudes get banged up. Fuckouttahere.

Let's break it down...

Dude loses his footing...


...bull murks him...


...then lets him go...


...and here's a nice close up for ya (awesome photography by the way).


Now check the video below and let us know your thoughts...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Theology3 feat Tona and Andreena Mills - How I Flow Pt 2 (video)

T.O. is killin' it right now. The big homie Theo3 just dropped his new video for 'How I Flow Part 2', which features Tona and Andreena Mills (the amazing vocalist from 'The Last Hope'), over a Boi1da production. There's some serious names right there.

If y'all haven't copped it already, go grab Theo's album and single!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Classified - Oh Canada (video)

I only just stumbled upon this video, so it's probably been out for a minute. The homie Classified's new anthem, 'Oh Canada', got me already feeling proud and I ain't even moved there yet.

The video is cool as fuck; literally. Oh and check for the cameo from Jim Lahey off of 'Trailer Park Boys'. CLASSIC. Only Class could pull that one off (pause).

Peep the video after the jump, and the behind the scenes footage too.

Official Video

Behind The Scenes

Friday, May 21, 2010

Eternia & Moss | At Last featuring Termanology & Reef The Lost Cauze (video)

Ah shit. So here's the first official video (the title track no less) of off the homegirl Eternia and MoSS's long awaited LP 'At Last', featuring Termanology and Reef The Lost Cauze.

Video is blazin', the track is a straight up banger. But on the real, I'm after those introspective real joints where E shines the most. I love a bit of shit talkin' raps, though. Can't wait for the album. Hope it drops Down Under in late June, Silky!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Making of 'Compass' - Jamie Lidell (video)

Jamie Lidell: The Making of "Compass" from Audioholic Media on Vimeo.

I fucking love this cat. Got the chance to see his show earlier this year and he's one strange dude who makes some serious music.

This video is brilliant as it gives you a great look into the recording of his new album 'Compass', which dropped on May 17th (go cop it!).

Entourage Season 7 preview

Thanks to Bekah, Entourage has been my favourite TV show since the first season. The last couple seasons were cool but not quite as dope as the earlier ones, so here's hoping the fellas come back with some heat this time around.

Check out the above trailer for season 7. Kinda corny but it still gets me vibed for it. Boom!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interview with Cee on

Social media enthusiasts may well be familiar with, a relatively new marketing, fashion, pop culture, lifestyle, beauty and social media blog that is really making some waves on the interwebs.

So Lauren Ridgway, the founder of, kindly contacted me to make me the May interviewee for 'Stars in the Blogosphere', which was the first interview I'd ever done that wasn't exclusively about music; it was more Craig than Cee. And it was really refreshing, and fun, to put more of me out there than my music persona.

So check out the interview, and while you're there, take a squizz around the blog. Folks in Melbourne and Sydney will love the weekly JobOps post, which is getting crazy hits.

On behalf of, and of course myself, I'd like to warmly thank Lauren for the great interview and kind words. Check it out, folks!

TOKYO CIGAR VS Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera & Amy Winehouse

I put together a remix project featuring some cool singers. I spazzed out musically for this one. Had a lot of fun making it. Check it out.


Comic Book Discussions

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

The point of no return. Once past, nothing can fit the image/idea/sense of what it used to be any longer. At this point that I read this book. Batman was represented by Adam West, zany plotlines and BAM, POW and BANG!!! flashing on the on the screen during the fight scenes. Before that, It was the Super friends adventures and stuff like that. Batman was a “Good guy” in every sense of the word. I had seen the Tim Burton take on batman before but even the darkness there wasn’t enough to erase the image in my mind of who Batman was. When I turned 11 years old and I came across a copy of this in the local Giant store, I bought and read it. That was the moment I first experienced what a mind fuck was. Nah Nobody had even explained the concept to me at that point I just knew that something in my mind had been altered by this book, never to return to it’s original shape.

Frank Miller ( God bless him ) had deconstructed the Batman mythology so intensely in this book that over 20 years after it’s inception it still informs much of the versions of Batman seen today. ( Including the aforementioned Tim Burton movie ) This was the book that turned Batman into the grim, brooding hero he is today. Matter fact I would say that the wave of grimy superheroes from “Spawn” to the new volumes of “X force” owe their dark overtones to this book. Batman as a character has always been as crazy as the people he hunts. ( Picture CNN running a story about a real life millionaire that dresses up as a giant bat to beat up thugs. Seriously, picture what you would think of such a man if he was flesh and blood like you and me ) This book really showed how tragic, dark and ( most of all ) INSANE he really was. It also crowned the Joker as the Yin to Batman’s Yang. A relationship that showed that despite their Polar opposition of each other they were linked as one.

The artwork is stunning and the cinematic aspects of the drawings make you believe that you are watching a movie that you were not supposed to watch as a kid. The violence and sexual innuendos were intense but not gratuitous. Anything lighter would have lessened the impact of the book. But like I said it is INTENSE. Children get killed, eyes get stabbed, suicide and battered women all pop up in the story.

The plot itself is simple. Batman has a midlife crisis and after 10 years of retirement comes to show a new generation of scum that certain things don’t change. Simple right. Now add in the craziness of Batman’s world and what this turns into is a masterpiece of emotions. He faces off against Two Face, The Joker, The Mutants ( Gotham City’s newest generation of degenerates ) and crazily enough Superman. His gritty disposition is enhanced by the fact he is a much older man. Cranky, irritable but still a viciously skilled fighter and peerless strategist. Alfred is present but Robin is re imagined as a girl named Carrie. Which gives the story a cool twist. It doesn’t take away or enhance the plot as Robin has always been a sidekick but it’s just kinda cool that Frank took that turn.

I cant recommend this book enough. A must read for Batman fans. The line that a cop in the story says to his younger partner when Batman is about to be seen in full costume by the reader for the first time sums it all up “were in for a show kid”

Tokyo Cigar

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Banksy covers Sydney with Time Out

Y'all might have caught our recent post on the new doco on Banksy (and street art in general), 'Exit Through The Gift Shop', and now for some Banksy news closer to home...

Dude has agreed to paint the cover of the next issue of Time Out magazine, but this time it's the Sydney (Australian) edition. The last two he's done for Time Out were for London and New York (below), so it's a fairly big deal, especially seeing how reclusive he is. Apparently the file has been sent but the mag haven't released it as yet.

Check out the vids below of some recent exhibitions he held in London. Definitely need this type of action out here.

Banksy Time Out covers

Monday, May 17, 2010

What Cee be on... Yellow Brick Road

This is my favourite song in the world right now, has been for a few months. The melody is simple, and Angus doesn't have the greatest of voices, but the sweet and honest lyrics, the haunting guitar parts and extended outro all come together to make a magical piece of music. This is a live performance in Sydney earlier this year.

Look out for my 50 bar verse over this joint, coming soon...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Cee be on... Laura Marling

I only discovered Laura Marling recently, and both of her albums - 'Alas I Cannot Swim' and 'I Speak Because I Can' - have made a serious impact in my musical world.

This was the only song I was able to embed (why the fuck do people keep disabling embed codes? Don't you want your videos spread virally so more folks can check them out? Seriously), and it's not exactly my favourite it's a solid example of Laura's work. Can't wait to check out the show in Melbourne in August.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Asher Roth - Muddy Swim Trunks (video)

It's been a minute since we've heard from Asher, but dude is back with this hilarious ass video for 'Muddy Swim Trunks', that pretty much looks like it was wrapped in one shot. Gold.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Liquid Mountaineering...or walking on water?

Wow. This is some cool ass shit. It's apparently a new sport called Liquid Mountaineering, which is essentially utilising the angle of your feet to, well, walk on water. Just watch the video, very damn impressive.

Classified - Beatin' It (live video)

So Classified has always been one of my favourite artists, since my homies in Toronto put me into his shit back in 2004.

This joint, 'Beatin' It', which is from his last album 'Hitch Hikin' Music', is one of the most creative moments in Hip Hop this decade, hands down. The fact that he knocks out a beat so fucking dope and then go out on some conversational concept shit is a credit to the man.

But as ill as the recorded version is, check what dude does to it live. About 4 minutes in is where the goosebumps start...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I’m Ready) (video)

I was really hoping that this joint would be a single. This is the co-write with Drake, and it's the illest joint on Ms Keys' new album, 'Element Of Freedom', for sure.

Interesting video. The whole same scene, different era shit with a racial overtone wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it's kinda cool. Plus she looks as fine as ever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Robin Thicke feat Snoop Dogg - It's In The Morning (video)

The singles from Rob's latest album, 'Sex Therapy', just keep rollin'...

The latest is the Snoop-laced 'It's In The Morning'. Definitely not my fave joint on the album, but it's cool. The video is nice; Rob's broad is fiiiiiiiine. Snoop is a bit meh overall but still an enjoyable video and tune. Just cop the album.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drake - FInd Your Love (video)

Drake - Find Your Love from October's Very Own on Vimeo.

So here's the Drake video that erryyyone's been taumbout.

It's cool. I'm still not 100% sold on the song, but it's growing on me. Strange video, but then again Drizzy doesn't exactly have a solid track record with them shits. That said, dude is probably under more pressure than anyone in the game to come with a classic, and he's getting panned whatever he does. So gotta give it up for pushing the envelope (well, that's kinda debatable since it sounds like an '808s & Heartbreak' offcut). Check it out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Artist Feature: J-Mar

Atlanta. Seattle. St Louis. J-Mar has resided in all of these cities, and their style, attitude and swag is evident in his music. Most folks may not know the name, so I'ma let the man himself tell y'all...


Cee: What up man, how you doing?
J-Mar: I'm good dog, just livin' this North West life.

Cee: Aight, so you represent Seattle, one of my favourite cities in the US for sure. Even though Seattle is on the West, do you think you guys get excluded from general West coast conversations?
J-Mar: In some ways I think we get excluded. I think it's mainly from the people who ain't on West Coast. When you think of the West a lotta people associate that with palm trees, Cali life. But cats in Cali if they're real for the most part, they know what's up and they put us in the mix. We along wit it, we're bangin', ridin' low low's, ol' school Chevy's, the whole nine.

Cee: Does Seattle have a certain sound with regard to Hip Hop, as y'all did for the grunge movement?
J-Mar: Yeah I think Seattle's hip hop sound is MCs busting over real smooth, cool out joints. That's when hip hop is at it's best out here.

Cee: Tell me about your latest album.
J-Mar: My newest project is called 'Be A G About It'. It has all kinds a features on there, including West Coast legends such as C-Bo and Marvalous. 'Be A G About It', the the phrase is somethang our camp tries to stay true to. It means to handle your business accordingly whether you are the street hustler on the corner or the business executive. Be a G about yours and handle your business.


Cee: What were some of your inspirations?
J-Mar: As far as inspirations go, my cousin Yougn was the first one who pushed me to start rapping for real. We formed a group called North West Heathens. As rappers go, I would have to say Brotha Lynch Hung. He was my favorite rapper growing up but as I traveled around I grew to like artists such as TI and Obie Trice.

Cee: What sets you apart from the masses of MCs these days?
J-Mar: I think what sets me apart from most MCs is my diversity. I have lived in so many different areas in the States that I just naturally picked some of their styles and that especially held true with music. From Atlanta to St Louis back to Seattle, I'm able to tell stories that can relate to all urban living, no matter were you come from.

Cee: What other projects are you working on?
J-Mar: Currently I'm working on my mixtape which is set to hit the streets within the next couple weeks. It's called 'Elevator Music (Next Level pt 1)'. Also I'm working on my new hip hop/jazz album called 'The Cognac Lounge' with the hit single 'Pimp Shake'.


Cee: Have you been touring or doing any shows lately?
J-Mar: Yeah I just got off the Prenuptial Agreement tour with J Stalin and San Gin. And I'm doing a show in Seattle with B-Legit from E-40s The Click on May 6th.

Cee: Ever been to Australia?
J-Mar: No, never been to Australia but I would love to come over there to rock a show and kick it with the locals.

Cee: Outside of Hip Hop, what artists have been catching your ear and inspiring you?
J-Mar: I love R&B. Keri Hilson is doing her thang. Neo soul artists like Dwele, Lauryn Hill, Corinne Bailey-Rae and Jill Scott.


Cee: Hit me with some contact details so the people can get at you!
J-Mar: You can find me and my music on iTunes, Rhapsody, CD Baby, and look for Du4self on Facebook.

Cee: Thanks for your time!
J-Mar: Thank you. Appreciate it, continue to do your thang and don't forget to be a G about it the whole time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Travis McCoy feat Bruno Mars - Billionaire (live and acoustic video)

Sooooo...I'm obsessed with this joint right now. Here's the acoustic version. Bruno is amazing. Hook of the year thus far...right alongside 'Airplanes' from B.o.B and Hayley Williams of Paramore.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reflection Eternal feat Estelle - Midnight Hour (video)

Looks like Kweli and Tek may have a possible hit on their hands with this one.

So I fucks with Estelle, though I don't really get her widespread appeal. She's cool and whatnot, but to warrant all the feature love she gets? Thoughts? Am I hating?

Either way, looking forward to Revolutions Per Minute.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Marco Polo and Rustee Juxx - Nobody (video)

Wow. This shit is fucking hilarious.

This was actually one of the surprising albums of the year; I've always been a fan of Marco, and Rustee came through with some gems here and there on various Duck Down joints, but their entire album is just solid, straight up Hip Hop and I love it.

Check the video for 'Nobody', which has Rustee and Marco actin' the fool and wilin' on folks. Classics.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Travis McCoy feat Bruno Mars - Billionaire (video)

So it seems like all of a sudden this Bruno Mars fella is fucking everywhere. How does that happen? We gotta tap into that lol.

Anyway, dude just laced the debut solo single for Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes fame, called 'Billionaire'. And yo, I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG! Wow. This is gonna be a smash. Bruno is the truth. Travie was murkin' it in GCH but I truly wasn't really feeling their music - but as an MC, he's off the chain.

Cannot wait for this solo album. Best surprise of the night for sure.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Donwill - Love Junkie (Wallpaper Remix) (video)

Donwill "Love Junkie" (Wallpaper LIVE Remix) from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Huge shouts to the homies Tanya Morgan. These cats seriously can do no wrong.

Check the video to Donwill's 'Love Junkie' joint, a live in-studio performance. Shit is sick. Funky as hell. Great to see the live musicians in the joint, that's what's up!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

K’Naan, Drake and Justin Bieber at the Junos

Wow. I'd only really heard of K'Naan since 2008 when the homie Dave from D6 filled me in. Now it seems like dude is everywhere and big ups, he's ridiculous with it.

Check his recent performance at the Canadian Juno Awards with fellow Canucks Drake, Bieber and Nikki Yanofsky.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wale - Diary (video)

I always fucked with Wale, even when folks were hating. I saw some shit on Twitter the other day that he was a dick handling biz with someone, but I guess who isn't at times?

Anyway, this is a cool ass cut, with Marsha Ambrosius on the hook. That woman can blow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Black Keys – Next Girl (Video)

I only got up on The Black Keys like a couple months back. Since then, I've become a huge fan of their previous work, and just in time for their new album, 'Brothers', which drops May 18.

This is the first video off the album, 'Next Girl', and it's fucking hilarious. Read the subtitles/text along the bottom the whole way. Classics. Clever, entertaining, funny...great video, great song, can't wait for the album.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eternia w/ Ras Kass ~ Behind The Scenes of "It's Funny" (Video)

I've been maaaaad lazy and didn't even post the two joints Eternia & MoSS leaked from their upcoming album 'At Last', so my bad on that. First up, shouts to E and MoSS for inking a deal with Fat Beats for their album! Been a long time coming.

So the joint is called 'It's Funny' and there's two versions - one with Joell Ortiz and one with Ras Kass. Check the video above for some behind the scenes action.