Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Soul Movement 3 leak - Cee & Bekah - The Last Hope feat Notion

Cee & Bekah - The Last Hope

So after all the Bangs hype, we gotta get back to the real!

Peep the latest leak from our mixtape, The Soul Movement Volume 3, which is dropping on November 10th! This joint, The Last Hope, is quite possibly my favourite on the mixtape, it features Notion and it's our take on the Drake and Kardinal Offishall joint off Drizzy's first mixtape. Holla. Oh and did I mention it's mixed by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban?

Download - Cee & Bekah - The Last Hope feat Notion


So this is how dedicated The Movement Fam are to bringing y'all the exclusive. After checking out the Phrase gig and witnessing the above performance in person, I rushed home to upload the footage, not realising that an 750mb+ file takes damn near 3 hours to upload. So I set it up, bounced to the TQ gig (which of course didn't happen) and came back to find the Mac sleeping and the video upload cut off at 95%. Goddamnit. So myself and Theory set it up again and at 5.21am, we have it.

Shouts to Snob Scrilla for doing this for the dude. Show was cool, the popcorn thing was fresh, heads seemed to know what was going on.

Remember that this is the ONLY live footage of the first Bangs gig EVER on the internet and The Movement Fam gave it to y'all first!! Boom!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

BET Hip-Hop Awards Ciphers 2009 (Part 1, 2, & 3)

Apparently the best part of the recent BET Awards.

Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal, and Joe Budden.

Wale, Gsan, Nipsey Hussle, and KRS-One.

Mos Def, Black Thought, and Eminem.

Drunk Man Wants Beer

If only it were that simple...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DJ Hero commercial with Jigga and Em


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Artist Feature: Simon Wright and The Eclective

Anyone who has frequented Brunswick St in the past year or two would have almost certainly noticed a poster or scribble on a chalkboard about Simon Wright and/or The Eclective. We were lucky enough to open for the boys at the Evelyn Hotel last year, and the whole band are great guys and very talented musicians.

After travelling up and down the east coast of Australia touring, the boys managed to get in the studio and bang out their debut EP. This coming Monday 2nd November (Cup Day Eve) will see Simon and the band launch their EP at the Evelyn (351 Brunswick St, Fitzroy), so if you're in Melbourne, get on down!

Simon managed to slip me a couple joints from the upcoming EP, the smooth 'You Don't Know' (which I'd heard before in the live format) and the laidback, jazzy 'Holding On'. Really hanging to hear the EP in full, so I managed to catch up with Simon to have a chat about what's been happening in the world of the Eclective...

Simon Wright and The Eclective

Hey Simon, how's things man?
Real good Cee, Summer's comin' and things are happenin'. I love this time of year.

So every time I hear about you, you're somewhere in the country, touring. What's been happening lately?
Well actually the band has been layin' low lately. We've been in the studio finishing off the EP and in the lab workin' on some new material. Basically gettin' ready for a big summer.

Simon Wright and The Eclective

I know you've been playing your ass off for years with a variety of bands and musicians, so you're finally dropping the EP! Tell us about it.
Yeah man, it's been a long time comin'. My first band "The Wright Brothers" released an album, but since then I haven't had a solid enough project to warrant the investment. The time I've spent in Melbourne putting together "The Eclective" has been amazing so far and we all felt it was time to start working on the next level. The band are all very focused at the moment. The EP itself is a collection of what we've been getting up to since "the Eclective" first began, it's eclectic obviously as tha'ts what we are all about. There's are elements of funk, soul, reggae, latin and of course Hip Hop. "Choi", the producer, has done great stuff with it. We wanted to capture as much of the live element as possible as ultimately that is where our strength is.

What's the line up for the band for this project? Have you played with these guys for a while?
Yeah this is the official "Eclective" line up these days. Hasn't changed much in the past year:
Drums - Travis Constable
Bass - Owen Downie
Keys - Andrew Vollmer (He also did a lot of the Sax on the EP)
Guitar - Tristan McCoppin
and Myself - lead vocals, acoustic guitar and MC

We also had a few friends come in for sessions including:
Candice Monique and Kate Kelsey Sugg - Backing vocals
Nick - Trumpet
Ivan "Choi" - Percs, bits n bobs (He also produced it)
Oscar O'brian - Trumpet
Gus Rigby - Sax

Simon Wright and The Eclective

You've got the big launch for the EP at the Evelyn, next Monday 2nd November. What can the people expect from the show?
This will definitely be our best show yet. We are launching a bunch of new material, as well as remakes of our old favorites. We have spared no expense on sound and lights and our supports are both amazing, "Direct Influence" and "Unleash the Nugget" two of my favorite upcoming Melbourne acts. The night is goin' to be great fun!!

I've always been curious, especially since your style is so varied, but who are you main musical inspirations?
I've been inspired by so many people over the years and all of them are very different. I'd have to say my biggest musical influence has been my father. He was giggin' around while I was a kid. I didn't realise until recently how much that influenced my music and life in general. Other than my old man, though:

Ben Harper
Michael Jackson
Stevie Wonder
Talib Kweli
Bob Marley
Fat Freddys Drop
De La Soul
Jimmi Hendrix
Muddy Waters
........ so many more

Simon Wright and The Eclective

Do you plan to tour the country off the back of the EP?
Yeah we have an east coast tour planned for Dec/Jan and down to Tassie in Feb. Then hopefully over the west coast late Feb.

What's next from here? Are you working on any other projects?
My focus is with the "Eclective" 100% at the moment. I'm writing a lot and the whole group has really come together of recent. We're looking at getting professional representation and try crack the Aussie festival circuit. From there we'd love to get over to Europe. The next EP is already in planning, so just keepin' it movin' really

Simon Wright and The Eclective

Any other gigs coming up or residencies we should know about?
Well it has not officially been released yet but we return to the Evelyn for our Monday night residency straight after our EP release. We have taken a couple of months off there to finish the EP and write some new material, but we are lookin' forward to gettin' back there for summer.

Hit us with your contact details so the people can get at you!

Simon Wright and The Eclective

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jermiside - Die Jerm Die mixed by DJ Low Key

Jermiside - Die Jerm Die

So the homie Jermiside been dropped his long awaited mixtape, Die Jerm Die, with DJ Low Key on deck. Shit is a heater, Jerm is a beast on the mic so he doesn't disappoint. Another quality release from the Lessondary crew. Look out for more of Jerm on upcoming Movement Fam releases!

DOWNLOAD - Jermiside - Die Jerm Die (tracked version)
DOWNLOAD - Jermiside - Die Jerm Die (untracked/podcast version)

Jermiside - Die Jerm Die

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shad ft. Jermiside & Destruments – The Calling (video)

Shad - The Calling from 360 To Nowhere on Vimeo.

Spotted @ The Audacity of Dope.

The homie Jermiside is murkin' it. Seriously. This is the unofficial video from Shad's joint off the Danny Diggs EP, dopeness.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I like turtles

Friday, October 23, 2009

FYM by Ice

If you ain't know, get the fuck to know.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Emcee Battles Still Exist

You thought the art of battling was dead? Far from it.

Earlier tonight I watched one of the biggest battles in a long time - Thesaurus VS Illmaculate (of Sandpeople fame).

They teamed together to win tournaments in both the World Rap Championships and the notorious Scribble Jam. This time they went head to head. Check it out below.

Pato Pooh feat. Adam Tensta - Follow Me

Pato Pooh is an emcee out of Stockholm, Sweden who speaks both Swedish and Spanish fluently. Luckily (for us) he chooses to use English for his raps.

The video for the track Follow Me, which features Adam Tensta, is an ode to 8-bit video games of old. Heaps of references to classic Nintendo games to be found below.

Oh, and the production and flows are bananas. Check it.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

Lindsay Lohan, before and after. 20 years old on the left. That was three years ago. On the right is how she looks now.

I'd still hit it.

Click for a bigger view.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jordan dissed Chamillionaire

First the Hall of Fame acceptance speech, now this. I knew he wasn't a saint, but the amount of stuff coming out right now about how of a dick Michael Jordan is in real life is kind of surprising. How come nobody said anything earlier?

ESPN's "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons, probably my favourite sports writer ever, has a chapter in his upcoming book about the discrepancy between Jordan's real life personality and his public relations persona. Book comes out October 27th and I've got that shit on pre-order. Can't wait.

Toyota Country Border Security

Let me start off by saying I hate that bloody Border Security show on TV. The fact that it rates so highly is a testament to a lot of the prejudices in this country that nobody is willing to acknowledge but everyone (read: the media) is happy to exploit.

Anyway, peep this for a bit of comedy gold. Is it good that the ads are better than the shows sometimes?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travis Barker Plays Slaughterhouse: "The One" Remix

Travis Barker on the drums is always insane. This is the kind of live instrumentation craziness that is needed at all Hip Hop shows.

There's a Bun B verse on the end of this one as well in which he mentions Slaughterhouse. No idea if this is from some proper remix of the track.

Monday, October 19, 2009

We Were Once A Fairy Tale - Kanye (Dir. by Spike Jonze)

"We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze from Yooj‽ on Vimeo.

Haven't seen this yet, should be interesting...

OK, just watched this. Wow. What drugs are these dudes on? This is actually kinda cool in an arthouse kinda way. Apparently it was pre-MTV Awards meltdown too. Check it out.

Ma$e murks Puff

Mase Makes Puff Release Him In The Middle of V103's Ryan Cameron Show from shudduptv on Vimeo.

Just watch.

Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything video

New Alicia Keys joint. Peep.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aziz on Letterman

Hilarious. Even weirder though, was that Kanye posted this on his own blog.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

J. Cole: A Star is Born pt.2 (Video)

J.Cole 'A Star Is Born' Documentary Part 2 from Chris Knotti on Vimeo.

"In what will be a four-part series, Knotti chronicles the rise to stardom of a future legend, Jermaine Cole. You happen to know him as J. Cole.

This episode features footage from an interview earlier this year and a performance of “Grown Simba” at his “The Warm Up” mixtape release party on June 15, 2009.

Just 4 months ago, me & Karen were right next to Cole on that bench he’s standing on in that screenshot. Now he’s on a nationwide tour with Jay-Z & Pharrell. Crazy."

Chaundon's 'Black Dynamite' Contest

So the big homie Chaundon (Hall of Justus) has recently dropped a double mixtape, entitled 'Black Dynamite'. Haven't copped it yet but I've heard it's nuts. So peep the video after the jump, dude is running a competition, the likes of which I've never seen before in the Hip Hop world. The 5000th customer to cop 'Black Dynamite' gets $1000, the person who referred them gets $1000 as well. Same deal for the 10,000th follower of his new blog and the referrer.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well-stocked refrigerator = Pussy.

No words.

Melanie Fiona – Subway Series (NYC)

Melanie is killin' it right now. Check this amazing video of live shows on the NYC subway.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

John Mayer - 'Who Says'

Mayer is a genius, straight up. Here's the video for his new single, 'Who Says', which is off the album 'Battle Studies', due to drop in mid November. Great song, dude hasn't lost it, can't wait for the LP.

Soulja Boy got scrilla

Word to having way too much money.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kina Grannis

Yeah, so I'm in love.

The homie on Facebook just posted about this wonderful young lady and I'm flabbergasted. Her voice kills me. Check out Kina Grannis' YouTube channel for more amazingness, but peep her versions of some of my favourite songs ever below. Kills them all. I have no words.

Ghostface - Ice Cream (Live at Stubbs) with Full Band

So this is what the Ghostface show Down Under could have looked/sounded like...

Slaughterhouse discusses cipher etiquette

This is actually pretty cool. MCs will know the deal but for the non-initiated, the Slaughterhouse boys drop some science, yo.

Chasm & Vida-Sunshyne - "Where Did We Go Wrong"

Man, it's dope to see Vida doing her thing. I worked with her on the Soul District record back in 2003, and to see her go from strength to strength is inspiring.

Here's the deal:

"The song is the first released from the much anticipated sophomore full length album from acclaimed Sydney producer Chasm, who has teamed up with Melbourne-based singer Vida-Sunshyne for the collaborative soul/reggae/hip hop album Move. Featuring guest spots from UK artist Million Dan, Damajah, and Mantra, the album is a wonderfully eclectic and global effort that will surely appease music lovers all over."

"GENDER BENDER" Eternia's Behind the Scenes w/ J.J. Brown & Miz Metro

Man, Eternia has got to be one of the hardest working people in the game right now. Check her latest move...

"We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming for a sneak peak into the making of the music video "GENDER BENDER" feat. Eternia & Miz Metro. A lead single off J.J. Brown's forthcoming album "Connect the Dots", "GENDER BENDER" is a playful look at gender roles in Hip Hop & on the road. J.J.'s album also features Gym Class Hero's frontman Travis McCoy, rap legend Craig G., Reef the Lost Cauze, Poison Pen, Louis Logic & more! In Stores Nov. 10, 2009! "

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

J. Cole: A Star is Born pt.1 (Video)

J Cole - A Star Is Born Documentary Part 1 from Chris Knotti on Vimeo.

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz.

"Karen Civil introduces the world to Jay Z’s protege J Cole in this 4 part documentary series. In this episode J Cole discusses moving from North Carolina to New York to pursue a rap career, getting signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation & preparing a classic album."

Ill Doctrine and the Little Hater

Thrizz put me onto J Smooth @ Ill Doctrine a while back, but I've only been really on this shit recently. This video is great - anyone doing any sort of creative process will be able to relate, which is why I felt it relevant to post.

As artists, we all go through the same thing as J is describing. Right now, we're working on 'The Soul Movement Volume 3' and I really feel for Notion, because although he didn't create the music (except for feature verses here and there), he's had to mix it and listen to it over and over and over, which should destroy all positive feelings towards the music but he seems to dig it even more. For myself, I just can't listen to my own music too much or I get over it real quick. When it's first recorded or written, hell yeah, I love to gauge where it's at, if it's any good, etc. But I gotta cut it out or I just don't wanna hear it again. By the time we finish this mixtape, I won't be able to listen to it for a hot minute.

Anyway, check out the video and hit up Ill for more awesomeness.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mac Lethal's Love Potion

I ain't even really know much about Mac Lethal, but this video was kinda cool. And Devin singing and smoking on the couch was the illest bit.

Mr. Peter Parker and Tech N9ne

I can't say I'm a huge fan of Tech, however he just did a successful tour of Australia so big ups. I got to hang with him and his crew back when they toured Oz with Kurupt and Tha Luniz in 2003 and dude was mad cool, so it's good to see him still making some noise and selling out solo shows. Anyway, check the interview.


So I was trying to learn how to play 'Teach You A Lesson' by Robin Thicke on guitar via YouTube. You know you need to bust out the guitar when you got someone over and you may as well have something decent to play, I don't even plan on learning the whole

So I saw a whole bunch fan vids and different versions etc, then found this kid rapping. Billie Shakes (click his name to check out his YouTube channel), he's good but dude's just 14! Only does one verse tho'.

Check out the video:

Check out his YouTube channel, lol @ his line in the 'Beautiful Woman' track, "even though you kinda stuck up like a tampon". Gold.

Artist Feature: Sinergy Crew

When I think of Sinergy Crew, the first two adjectives that come to mind is 'staunch' and 'thug'. Well, not really. A recent review of their debut album, 'Sin City', labelled the fellas with these two words and it kinda made me laugh. Sure, their music is straight up boom bap, punchline-friendly Hip Hop, but there isn't really anything 'staunch' or 'thuggish' about Royalz and Chains. Maybe it's coz I know the blokes and they're nothing like that. Either way, they're real. And that's what really matters here.

As soon as you lay eyes on the album artwork, there's no question as to the fact that this is a Hip Hop album. The 'Sin City' piece on the cover was drawn by local South East graf writer Zanee, and it immediately suggests the pure realness of the music contained within.

With Royalz behind the boards on all 16 cuts here, the SC sound is nothing short of raw, grimey, in-your-face boomsauce, and when the boys jump on the mic, it's clear that they can both rip it like Franco Colombu at a Mr. Olympia competition in the 70s. Single 'The Game' has been making some solid noise on the JJJ Unearthed charts, fan faves 'All Out Raw', 'Who's The Boss' and 'Rockin' The Richter' (with Hungry Human Raven) are all here as well. The blokes even include some solid personal, introspective and political joints like 'Hindsight', 'The Silent Truth', 'Such Is Life' and 'The Third Eye'.

Features are kept to a minimum, with DJ's Simple Simon and Elev8 supplying most of teh cuts, and their mates DBO Crew and A.I. all making an appearance on the two posse cuts 'Backyard Blitz' and 'Just The Beginning'. I caught up with the boys to chat more about the album, realness and what's next from here.

Sinergy Crew

Sup boys? What’s real?

(R)oyalz: It’s almost lunchtime and my stomach is telling me I gotta eat, for real.

(C)hains: KFC Mashies are back. Definitely is a good sign in the wake of swine flu pandemics and the global financial crisis.

What’s been happening with you guys since the album dropped?

R: Working hard on the next release for our crew Associated Illness. Performed at and currently doing more shows. Eating KFC while playing X-Box. Hustlin’.

C: Yeah a combination of pushing the album, doing shows and writing for the Associated Illness project. Probably an expansion of the clothing line next year also as we have some artists working on some crazy designs.

Sinergy Crew

How has the response been to the album thus far?

R: Pretty positive so far. We’ve had a bit of radio play and interviews from all over, so I think there are people who still like that grimey hip-hop.

C: In general it's been good. The current trend with a lot of Australia hip hop is slow, minimal production with what some call 'emotional' lyrics. While this is fine in small doses, entire albums of it just sound like whining. Most people in this world have it tough in some way or form, so we prefer to give people something more uptempo that they can rock out too and let loose rather than wallow in self pity.

What’s your individual favourite joints off the album and why?

R: 'Hindsight' is a personal favourite. It’s a reflection on our journey through our creative process to where we are now.

C: Hard to say it kind of depends on the mood. In terms of live shows - 'Rockin the Richter', 'The Game', 'Just The Beginning' are all crowd favourites and get people up and about. If you're just kicking back, 'Hindsight', 'Hip-hop-aholics' and 'The Third Eye' are probably up there.

Sinergy Crew

There’s a marked political angle on a few tracks, what’s your main inspiration for that?

R: Life. The dodgy dealings of greedy individuals and the ignorant people that find it easier to ignore the truth.

C: I think the human race has reached a fork in the road right now. People don't think for themselves anymore, it's far easier to just follow the flock and hand responsibility over to corporations and governments. In the past, where ethics were more prominent, it wasn't as dangerous as now. These days when we live at the mercy of greed and gigantic profit margins, you can't have such a lax attitude about the world. Our lives are dictated by belief structures that aren't physical - racism, the 'economy', political correctness etc... none of these things are actually real, they are imaginary and can be manipulated in order to control populations. People need to start understanding that to regain some control over their lives.

Well said. Now that you’ve dropped a mixtape and an LP, do you think you’ll approach your next album in the same way you did ‘Sin City’?

C: It's hard to say, I think there will definitely be some more political fuel to add to the fire. That's something we'll have to cross when we get there. The A.I album is going to be a straight up banger, the next Sinergy release is hard to predict. I'm sure it will just evolve as we go along.

Sinergy Crew

Tell us about the AI crew project that you have been working on.

R: We’ve been collecting the best beats from crew and associated equally ill dudes for a full length album. We all work well together so I think it will be a pretty cohesive effort. We’re currently writing two tracks which will hopefully be done by the end of the year, so keep your ears open!

C: Ever been kicked in the head?

Lol, not recently. Have either of you guys thought about doing solo projects?

R: I’ve had thoughts of doing a producer album similar to Chops or Marco Polo, but I’d have to grow my gatalogue a bit before diving into a project like that. Other than that I like working as part of a team, or contributing bits to other peoples projects.

C: I guess you never say never but collaboration is one of the beautiful things about hip hop. As Royalz mentioned, working with like minded individuals to create a piece of music is great.

Sinergy Crew

Couldn't agree more. Royalz, you’re the main producer for Sinergy Crew. Who are your main influences production-wise?

R: My main influences are masters like Premo, diversity of Danger Mouse, sample selection of Necro, chopping of Stoupe and drums like Dre – all with their own signature sound and masters in their own right.

Chains, define ‘realness’.

C: Realness is as realness does. You can't be told what realness is, you have to see it for yourself. When you take the bus... you get there.

That's deep. What’s next from here?

R: I’m gonna go take a dump at work and get paid for it.

How can the people contact you fellas, and where can they cop the album from?

They can cop the album online from or any good independent music store nationwide.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jay-Z & J. Cole – A Star is Born Live (Video)

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz.

J. Cole stays murkin' it. Apparently Beyonce was by the stage spittin' along with J, so big things are happening for dude...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crooked I and Joell Ortiz go in

Aight, we showed y'all what happens when you leave Royce alone for 15 minutes with a pen and a beat, here's the results for Joell and Crooked...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Royce speaks on Hex Murder and DJ House Shoes

Aight, so I posted this coz prior to the homie DJ Hyphen giving me the 411 on Hex, I had no idea who he was and why everyone on Twitter was using the #weluvuhex hash tag. Anyway, here's Royce speaking on the situation, as well as that of DJ House Shoes, a legendary Detroit cat.

Artist Feature: Sean Declase

If you're an R&B head from Melbourne, you've more than likely heard of, or seen, Declase. Their unique blend of funk, R&B and rock saw them playing many a show around our fair city, as well as landing a coveted spot on Rove Live backing Kelly Rowland.

Being both a guitarist and a vocalist, Sean Declase has now stepped out on his own after some success with Declase, his group Zoona with his brother Wayne, and the electro dance group Bass Chimps.

Sean has now independently released his debut mixtape, 'Sean Declase Is Dead', and I gotta say it's been in heavy rotation in my iPod since it arrived in my mailbox. Banging lead single 'Dangerous' features the homie GMC, the raw 'Brand New Hustler' even has Ice T on guest vocals, Kaos (from Justice & Kaos) features on 'Business', the funky 'In My Hood', interesting story cut on the title track, the hilarious (with fucking dope acapella vocals) 'Intoxicated Pt 2', and my personal favourite 'Throw Me Down', all complete a truly funky, danceable mixtape that not only showcases Sean's quality vocals, but his strong writing skills. There's even two cuts from the Bass Chimps thrown in there for the electro heads.

I caught up with Sean to chat about the mixtape, and his launch show (tomorrow night!) at Seven nightclub, Albert Rd, South Melbourne. Peep game.

Sean Declase

What up Sean? How's things?

Things are great man, working hard at putting a new live show together, as well as working on remixes for songs off the mixtape. Still in the process of pushing "Sean Declase Is Dead", and at the same time, writing new stuff for my upcoming release through Generation Records. So I've been flat out!!

Aight, so lemme start with some background. I know you from Declase, I remember being the only judge who voted for you in the Ja Rule opening act competition! Why did the band split?

Haha were you really? Thanks a lot Marcia and Dicko!

We had been playing for about 7 years and in that time, achieved things we probably never thought we would from our first initial practices. We started off playing at family parties and just getting to know our instruments, then not too long after, we were gigging almost every week at a lot of the major clubs in Melbourne. I guess we all just moved into different ventures after that. Being cousins we still jam every now and then, it's good to know the old boys still got it!

How was that experience for you, working with your family?

Anyone who knows us, knows that were a tight family regardless of the band. The best way to describe it was just that it was heaps of fun! We all got to share in the glory together but also had our fair share of disagreements. I remember we once had a band meeting at a Chinese restaurant and we were arguing so intensely, the waiters were about to call triple 0!! That's the best thing about us all being related though, we could say exactly what we wanted, and know that 2 minutes later we would be back to laughing hysterically again! I'd definitely say it was the best time of my life...

What made you decide to go solo?

Being the youngest, the other guys had other commitments and businesses they moved on to. My older brother Wayne and i had the band ZOONA happening for a few years, which turned into more of a song-writing partnership. So we'll never stop writing stuff together. Myself and two other mates had an electro-vocal house act called the Bass Chimps after that, and we had some success both here and in the States with two of our releases. One of which, a song called 'Something About' reached the number 1 spot on America's dance download chart 'Masspool' averaging over 40,000 downloads in the U.S. The record label who signed us (Generation) offered me a solo album deal, I saw it as a great opportunity to bring out the stuff I've always wanted to do, and make it one hundred percent my style.

Sean Declase

How did you meet Kaos?

Where else? At the bar! A mutual friend introduced us and after many scotches we exchanged details and the next week we had a track called 'Paperchase'. It featured on the ARIA nominated Justice and Kaos EP 'Turn It On', which I also sang the chorus on. Since then we've always worked on each others tracks, Kaos produced 3 tracks on my mixtape 'Dangerous', 'Business' and 'In My Hood'. We'll be working together for years to come I'm sure.

I gotta big you up on the mixtape man, shit is funky as hell, I've been bumping it flat out all week. I can hear some serious Michael Jackson influences in there, who else inspired you to make this album?

I grew up deep into Jackson, The Beatles, Stevie, 2pac, Chili Peppers, Commodores the list goes on and on. I've always just loved good music, whatever the genre. It's weird how you can hear a song and it will take you to an exact place and time in your life, happy or sad. Nothing gives you that euphoric feeling like music does...ok maybe not nothing :)

What do you plan to achieve with this mixtape?

The main aim of "Sean Declase Is Dead" is to raise the awareness that i am out on my own doing the solo thing. With my previous bands we had started to develop a following of people who dug our music, what I have to do now is start from scratch and do the same for myself. The songs on the mixtape are just a collection of music I've written over the past year, a taste of what you might expect to hear from my upcoming releases.

Who else are you working with right now?

At the moment I'm doing some work with the Black Dogs, a funk/disco Melbourne band consisting of DJ Mark John (Disco Montego), Andrew De Silva (CDB), Zoe Badwi (Release Me - # 1 Aria Hit), Danny Dharumesana (producer for Rockmelons/Kaylan). As well as writing with the guys, I'll be playing live with them, including a show on the 17th of Oct at Caulfield Cup Day.

The other one I'm pretty excited about is a girl named Samirah, probably one of the best female voices I've heard come out of Oz, and she's only 19. Your gonna hear her name pretty soon I'm sure of it, she also features on the mixtape, singing the chorus on 'Don't Save It' which in my opinion, makes the song!

What's the plans from here?

Well at the moment I'm still gigging the mixtape so I'm flat out doing that. This month I've got 7 live shows, including my launch party on Saturday the 10th of Oct at Seven nightclub. Once that's done, it's back to writing for me and getting together the songs for my album release through Generation, due out in the not too distant future.

Hit us with your contact details so the folks wanna get in touch and check out your music!



Become a fan on Facebook!

Sean Declase

That's gay, no homo

Wow. Like, this is awesome. Wow.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Royce freestyle becomes 'October 20th'

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz.

CBF writing about it, but this is what 2DB had to say:

While interviewing 3/4 of Slaughterhouse, Peter Parker got them to write a verse live in the studio. This Royce verse would eventually become “October 20th.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ras Kass - Live Concert At Rileys in Point Loma, CA

Ras Kass is my second favourite emcee of all time. Yeah I said it.

Here he is performing some of his most classic tracks - "Miami Life", "Soul On Ice (Remix)", "Ghetto Fabulous", "3 Card Molly", "Goldyn Chyld" - and I'll let you sit and wonder who my favourite all time emcee is. That's a complete other post though.

For now, watch Razzy do his thing.

"MIDWEST STATE of MIND" Eternia & MoSS - R2R EP#12 ft. EVIDENCE (Dilated Peoples) & DJ CHELA

BIG UPS to E. 12 vlogs and no sign of stopping...

In Episode #12, Eternia & beatboxer Chesney Snow take us on a journey to the Midwest for the "B-Girl Be" 2009 Festival. E shoots around "E-Theories" with Evidence (Dilated Peoples), discusses the Midwest's fave past time w/ DJ Chela, meets a die-hard supporter who drove 5 hours to see E rock, & fits in a lil' target practice of her own. Who said anything about gun control?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That's How I Roll

Brandy bustin' out in her bathroom

Wow. Brandy is incredible. She posted this vid of herself bustin' out an acapella rendition of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' in her bathroom on her Twitter on the weekend, just caught it now. Amazing. We need a new album!! Just none of that poxy slow jam shit again, hit us with that next level we all know you're capable of, Ms Norwood...

Monday, October 5, 2009

NASA Moon Bombing - Rap News

On October 9th, the Earth will carry out its first attack on a neighbouring planet by bombing the moon the name of SCIENCE! Is this a worthy experiment to aid the human race with its energy and water crisis, or a crass attempt to save money and perpetuate humankind's brutal behaviour (or an NWO NASA Roswell Illuminati conspiracy?) Explore the issues with Juice Media's RAP NEWS.

The Outer Space Treaty:

Huge BIG UPS to the homie Hugo 1, dude, you're incredible. You don't quit. People, check out Hugo's videos on YouTube, Google that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broads think they're Akinyele

Fucking wow. Big ups to Thrizz for this one. Just wow.

Skyzoo and 9th Wonder/Ghostface interviews with Tony Touch

Great interviews with Tony Touch with both Sky and 9th and Ghost. Peep all that.

Reflection Eternal live @ Manifesto afterparty, Toronto

Just dope. You can even see 9th Wonder buggin' out.

A Day In Harlum (sic) with Jadakiss

First up, word to the spelling skills of the person responsible for this video. Otherwise, peep the realness. Word to Jada.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

T-Pain – “More Careful” Video

So this is kinda weird. The folks over at Smoking Section weren't too fond of Mr. Pain's skills, but in all honesty, it ain't that bad. Give the dude a break. It's his apology to Jay-Z, among other things, over Drake and Trey's 'Successful' beat. Check that shit.

New LEAK - Cee & Bekah - 'Save Myself' feat Tommy Gunnz

Cee & Bekah

Oh yes, it's time for another leak. The homie Kev leaked this latest cut this week just passed, another joint from Cee & Bekah's upcoming mixtape 'The Soul Movement Volume 3'. This one is over CunninLynguists' 'K.K.K.Y.' beat (produced by Kno, AMAZING beat), entitled 'Save Myself', an anthem with a strong political overtone.

Cop the joint from the link below, and know that we're not far away from dropping this one...

Download Cee & Bekah - 'Save Myself' feat Tommy Gunnz

Friday, October 2, 2009


Kanye time. Above is a funny ass convo with T-Pain. Below is every Kanye sample. Ever. Real.

Big Sean interview on

I don't mind Big Sean. Keen to hear the album, at least. Peep this interview, where he speaks on how he grew up, meeting Kanye, and how he wouldn't be shit without the internet. That comment alone confirms that The Movement Fam are doing the right thing...

New Blu & Exile joint live

Peep this live footage of Blu & Exile rockin' at The Roxy in LA, doing a new joint from their upcoming project. Wack audio but it's good enough. And then Exile's MPC freestyle is ridic, he did the same shit out here back in June when they rocked at First Floor in Melbourne. Werd.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skyzoo Album Signing @ Fat Beats

Sky's album signing with Fat Beats with the homies 9th Wonder, Young Guru and Eric G speaking on The Salvation album, which by the way is ridic.

Rosa Acosta & Tammy Torres 2010 Calendar Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

Spotted @ NahRight.

I ain't even know who these broads be, they just look good. Badunkadunks like what.