Friday, April 30, 2010

Chrtistina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (video)

So I was just reading about this clip, sounded pretty much like a porno based on what the blog was saying. Then the next post down happened to be the clip. So of course I went straight to it...

This is cool. Xtina is back to her whoresome ways and it's rad. It's not quite the XXX clip I was hoping for yet it does the trick. I'm sure there's already sites who have paused it and ripped the stills of the most revealing shots, so if I have some spare time I might get my Google game on...

Anyway, I dig the track, and I'm really looking forward to the album. Out in June, I think?

Eminem - Not Afraid (teaser video)

I've been reading all the hype about this joint on Twitter the last few days, so I was glad when I stumbled upon this teaser video for the single, 'Not Afraid', off Em's latest LP 'Recovery'.

The track is HEAT. To be honest, I haven't really felt Em's new shit (granted, they're all feature verses) for some time, so I'm actually looking forward to this album.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slash is a god

Last night, one of my childhood dreams came true: I got to see Slash live. Ever since my folks got me a guitar at the age of 9, Slash has been my idol. The dude just fucking drips cool (or 'swag' as we rappers like to say), and even though I would have loved to catch him 20 years ago, in 2010, dude hasn't lost his appeal.


So due to my wicked ass job and dope connect at MTV, I scored a VIP ticket to the launch of the new MTV Classic channel at Palace last night. As soon as we walked in the door, we realised it was sponsored by Jagermeister and shots/bombs were downed immediately. The rest of the night was a tad blurry from then on, but I have enough video on my camera to help jog my memory.


As the Becks and Jager did their thing in my bloodstream, and to the bloodstream of my work colleagues, the vibe was incredible. There were shaggy wigs and top hats everywhere, as well as the ubiquitous flannel (I was reppin', trust). When comedian Adam Hills intro'd the night, the crowd got wild. And when Slash hit the stage, it was like 1992 again. I swear, that Gibson guitar is the sexiest fucking thing on earth.


And Slash didn't disappoint. Being drunk and asking a colleague's boyfriend 'Oi what song is this again?' every 5 minutes, I don't really remember the set but I know that the Velvet Revolver lineup was there, and I was told it was Scott Weiland on vocals but then I read he left in 2008. Can anyone help (check out the pics)? He murked it though. After doing a shitload of songs I didn't know, Slash was killin' a solo and all of a sudden the unmistakable melody from 'Sweet Child O' Mine' was belted out and it was fucking ON.


A lot of drunken singing was going on, and the awesomeness was tangible. Next up was 'Paradise City', which was just as rad. I have no idea what happened after that, really.


Shouts to CJ for the hook up! The after party was live though, got to shake hands with Kirk Pengilly from INXS in the bathroom and prop him for shagging Deni Hines, which was cool. A great night all round, the only issue being this wicked hangover and the 3 hours sleep prior to a 9 hour work day. Slash is a god.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Cee be on... B.o.B

This is my SHIT right now. I already am in love with Paramore, Hayley Williams' voice is incredible (I don't give a fuck that they got the Twilight joint), so to hear her murk a Hip Hop joint is even more impressive. Oh and there's Part 2 on the album that features Eminem, though his verse just doesn't really do it for me.

I heard it's a single, I'll post the video as soon as it's available. Just a brilliant hook, great song, dope beat. B.o.B FTW. I gotta say that I love the album 'The Adventures of Bobby Ray' even though most cats are hating.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

R.A. The Rugged Man - Uncommon Valour (video)

This is one of Rugged Man's sickest verses, for sure. I've even heard it been argued that it's the best verse of all time. So this is on some shit. Very, very delayed video but dope nonetheless. It's actually off a Jedi Mind Tricks joint. Peep game.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop: A Banksy Film

This one looks amazing. Most folks are familiar with Banksy's work, and this doco should hopefully shed a bit of light on the man. Check the wrap up below:

"Exit Through the Gift Shop, the first film by renowned graffiti artist Banksy, became the hottest ticket at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival where it made its world debut. Banksy is a graffiti artist with a global reputation whose work can be seen on walls from post—hurricane New Orleans to the separation barrier on the Palestinian West Bank. Fiercely guarding his anonymity to avoid prosecution, Banksy has so far resisted all attempts to be captured on film. Exit Through the Gift Shop tells the incredible true story of how an eccentric French shop keeper turned documentary maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with spectacular results. The film contains exclusive footage of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Invader and many of the worlds most infamous graffiti artists at work, on walls and in interview. As Banksy describes it, Its basically the story of how one man set out to film the un—filmable. And failed."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cyclops - Oceans

Cyclops - Oceans

The big homie Cyclops has finally released his debut solo album, 'Oceans', and it's a heater!

Featuring quality production from cats like EOM, Cenzo Beatz, Cy's Plexiglass Fountain compadre Tokyo Cigar, as well as features from The Cause, Tokyo Cigar and my damn self, this is a solid album that impresses from the jump.

Download Cyclops - 'Oceans'

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lil B - Look Like Jesus (video)

Wow. I first saw Boi1da tweet about this dude, then caught the video on my Google Reader. I don't really know what to say here. First up, as an MC, dude is disgusting, and not in the good way.

Second, I dunno what he's trying to achieve. As an athiest, I'm not offended in the slightest by the subject matter; the wackness of the music bothers me more than the supposed blasphemy here.

Either way, the song is shithouse, the subject is controversial and he'll get mad attention just based off this. We'll see how far it goes...

Slakah The Beat Child: "Enjoy Yaself V2" featuring Drake (video)

This joint came out last year, I think, so I'm surprised to see a video for it now.

Cool, track, and dope to see Drake still rockin' out with his fellow Torontonians.

Oh, and dude jacked our title - Slakah's album is called 'Soul Movement Volume 1', which also happens to be the title of the mixtape series that Bekah and I released, with Volume 1 of 'The Soul Movement' dropping back in 2007. We even came up with the name in 2004 in Toronto...muhfucka.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Solar speaks with Sway on the Guru situation

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - More video blogs and vloggers.

On the real - this motherfucker is full of shit. Body language, the dark glasses. He can't even look the people in the eye. #fucksolar

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Skyzoo - My Interpretation (video)

I gotta say, in a time when Hip Hop ain't number one on my iPod playlist, Sky's album 'The Salvation' ain't really had much time off rotation.

So I was vibed when I caught the latest video off the LP, 'My Interpretation'. Cool track with a message, and some fresh storyline visuals to go with it. I really dig it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tanya Morgan - Bang and Boogie (video)


Huge shouts to DJ Grain for putting me onto TM in the first place. Bekah and I had the honour of working with Ilyas on our upcoming EP, these dudes are sick.

Here's the video to the classic 'Bang & Boogie' off their latest album, 'Brooklynati', which had one of the coolest concepts and packaging in recent memory.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Brother - Curtain Call (video)

I can't front - I copped the leak of this album ('Left Back') and it's fucking dope. Gonna go cop it tomorrow (if it's out in Australia). Pooh even name checks Bangs on the album. Wow.

Check the video for 'Curtain Call' above. And Phonte is still my favourite MC.

Rest In Peace Keith Elam (aka G.U.R.U.)

I truly love the power of social media (wait for my post on Talib Kweli's laptop). I was at the gym on Twitter (as you do) on my phone, and saw DJ Premier's tweet confirming that Guru, who has been hospitalised recently in his battle with cancer, had passed on yesterday. All of a sudden, my entire Twitter timeline was full of condolence messages, links to blog posts and a general conversation about it. It really feels like a community there, and as we all know, it's times like these that bring folks together.

First up, I'm in no way trying to jump on any bandwagon here. I'm a Hip Hop fan since I was 10 years old, and although I've always respected Guru, Primo (definitely one of my favourite producers of all time) and Gangstarr, I've never been the biggest fan of their music. That said, I absolutely admire and respect his legacy and what he contributed to Hip Hop as a movement and a culture.

Judging from the tweets I'm seeing, the outpour of love for this man is incredible. Evidence (of Dilated Peoples fame) even just said "broken fucking heart. I'm sitting this year out. Guru will always be my fucking Hero."

Now, for those who ain't know, there's a serious back story here. Read the below 'final statement' that Guru apparently wrote from hospital, where as far as I had heard, he had never awoken from his coma:

"I, Guru, am writing this letter to my fans, friends and loved ones around the world. I have had a long battle with cancer and have succumbed to the disease. I have suffered with this illness for over a year. I have exhausted all medical options. I have a non-profit organization called Each One Counts dedicated to carrying on my charitable work on behalf of abused and disadvantaged children from around the world and also to educate and research a cure for this terrible disease that took my life. I write this with tears in my eyes, not of sorrow but of joy for what a wonderful life I have enjoyed and how many great people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

My loyal best friend, partner and brother, Solar, has been at my side through it all and has been made my health proxy by myself on all matters relating to myself. He has been with me by my side on my many hospital stays, operations, doctors visits and stayed with me at my home and cared for me when I could not care for myself. Solar and his family is my family and I love them dearly and I expect my family, friends, and fans to respect that, regardless to anybody's feelings on the matter. It is my wish that counts. This being said I am survived by the love of my life, my sun KC, who I trust will be looked after by Solar and his family as their own. Any awards or tributes should be accepted, organized approved by Solar on behalf myself and my son until he is of age to except on his own.

I do not wish my ex-DJ to have anything to do with my name likeness, events tributes etc. connected in anyway to my situation including any use of my name or circumstance for any reason and I have instructed my lawyers to enforce this. I had nothing to do with him in life for over 7 years and want nothing to do with him in death. Solar has my life story and is well informed on my family situation, as well as the real reason for separating from my ex-DJ. As the sole founder of GangStarr, I am very proud of what GangStarr has meant to the music world and fans. I equally am proud of my Jazzmatazz series and as the father of Hip-Hop/Jazz. I am most proud of my leadership and pioneering efforts on Jazzmatazz 4 for reinvigorating the Hip-Hop/Jazz genre in a time when music quality has reached an all time low. Solar and I have toured in places that I have never been before with GangStarr or Jazzmatatazz and we gained a reputation for being the best on the planet at Hip-Hop/Jazz, as well as the biggest and most influential Hip-Hop/Jazz record with Jazzmatazz 4 of the decade to now. The work I have done with Solar represents a legacy far beyond its time. And we as a team were not afraid to push the envelope. To me this is what true artists do! As men of honor we stood tall in the face of small mindedness, greed, and ignorance. As we fought for music and integrity at the cost of not earning millions and for this I will always be happy and proud, and would like to thank the million fans who have seen us perform over the years from all over the world. The work I have done with Solar represents a legacy far beyond its time and is my most creative and experimental to date. I hope that our music will receive the attention it deserves as it is some of the best work I have done and represents some of the best years of my life."

Read the post on BallerStatus for links to the previous articles on the controversy (it's too long to get into here).

I'ma skip right to my opinion. How the FUCK does a man in a coma write a 'final statement'? And even if he did wake from his coma, how does he know he is going to die and finally succumb to his disease? Once you read the previous articles on this, it's plain obvious that something ridiculously shady is going on here. Solar seems to be literally deranged, and it's quite concerning that in this day and age, somebody can have that much control over another person, even to the detriment of their blood family.

Nothing is right about this. The 'final statement' is garbage, and the blatant Solar dick-riding is evidence enough. I hope the Hip Hop community can bring this motherfucker to justice for what he's done to the Elam family (watch the video below of Guru's nephew and TELL me that shit ain't legitimate).

Check the video at the top for my favourite Gangstarr joint.

Rest In Peace, Guru.

TOKYO CIGAR "The megaman theory 2: F*ck this rap shit"

Peace. Been Catching a lot of love for this one right here. I present to you my new EP. 9 tracks featuring production by Me, GC, Razorsharpe and Cenzo Beatz. The Plexiglass Fountain is in full effect on track 6 "Damn" featuring the homie Cyclops ( be on the lookout for his solo album "Oceans" I heard a bunch of joints off it. DOPE!!! )

Check it out y'all. Check it out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Skunt Alert...

Hey Guys, This is a song called 'Spectacular' by Kiely Williams. Check out the video below.

Alrighty, the video below is Kiely's response to her video being slammed by media.

So there you have it and quote "Last I remember I was face down, Ass up, Clothes off, Broke off, Dozed off, Even though I ain't sure of his name, but he can get it again if he wanted". REAL Classy Kiely, real classy.

..And the Grammy for shittiest video goes to....Kiely Williams!! I didn't even think this video was a music video at the start, I thought I was watching a 'Hooker' special on 60 minutes. Probably one of the WORST songs and WORST videos I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL about having fun and hittin' the clubs with my girls and dancing my ass off getting shit faced but this song didn't really send that message. Media say she's promoting Date Rape. Hmmm...

I think that this could really affect her musical career and it's not a song that I would want to listen to. This is not classy at all, it's just plain skankalicious. She's a pretty girl with a good voice and this song is not doing her any justice for her career - Choose appropriate songs that suit you.

What Cee be on... Christina Aguilera

This is possibly one of my favourite songs of all time. After coming back from living in Canada and travelling around North America, Europe and Cuba, Bekah and I decided to start learning Spanish, and this was one of the songs that helped us. I've never actually seen the video, so bonus, yo.

Conveniently, Christina has a new album, 'Bionic', dropping early June, and here's a random video of the single 'Not Myself Tonight' (no official video yet and the label has ripped down any other videos of the song - makes no sense to me, let people listen, fuckin'!). Little Xtina gets a bit wild on this one. Can't wait for the album.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Cee be on... Smashing Pumpkins

I remember being the only dude (no exaggeration) in my year level at school into Hip Hop, and I repped it HARD. So when everyone was listening to The Smashing Pumpkins, I totally would never admit to liking it. Until now.

I actually bought 'Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness' the other day, and this is my favourite joint on the album. That riff is fucking killer.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Cee be on... Stone Temple Pilots

I need a huge #latepass for this one, so excuse me. But these cats are insane. Dunno how I missed them; I was heavy into Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden etc back in the early '90s. Either way, this is some classic shit. The whole album ('Core') is amazing. If you dig any of the above bands, definitely check for this.

This joint, 'Plush', is probably their best known single.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Brother Ali & Fashawn – Breakin’ Dawn Boys Live (Video)

Brother Ali is one of the hardest working cats in the game right now. Kills every show; and there's nary a track I don't like.

Check the live performance of the Brother's collab with Fashawn in Toronto.


Part 2

Immaculate beauty. That is what one scene in this movie captures unlike any other attempt before or after it in my memory.

I’ll get to that moment when I get to it. Like I said in my last review, Quentin Tarantino skillfully crafted an intricate simple movie. Linked by strands of old cinema and guerilla style edge, he touched upon a million classic Kung fu references mixed with anime styled excess. In this part of the movie the eastern influences play a more background role to the western themed final showdown between the Bride and Bill. The Bride still has her Hanzo sword but rather than get the feeling you got when you KNEW Bruce Lee was about to give 20 dudes a beat down, it feels more like Eastwood about to face an enemy at high noon.

The switch in themes is not the only opposite to the first film at play here. The simplistic dialog that gave the first one it’s playful charm is replaced with dialogue that proves why Tarantino is as respected as he is. Pulp Fiction’s “Royale with cheese” exchanged is topped by Bill’s fantastic deconstruction of the classic Superman character’s egotistical view of humanity. ( I swear I never looked at Superman the same way again, What an asshole ) The only place for the type of old school Kung Fu flick talk prevalent in the first part is during The Bride’s training with Pai Mei ( that’s my dude right there. Son don’t play ) and that is mainly done in Chinese with subtitles. This is a movie where insight into the characters is really shown by what they say. Often funny but very deep in certain parts. Seriously there are so many quotable in this movie it’s not even funny.

The tradition of compelling characters is still intact in this movie. From Bill’s surrogate father Esteban, Bill’s brother Budd and Elle ( who to me was the ultimate villain in the movie ) to the random characters that pop in and out. ( Budd’s strip club boss that said he was as useless as an asshole on the elbow was funny as hell ) Out of all of them though, the ultimate addition to the cast is Bill. ( RIP David Carradine ) You know those bad guys that are so cool you actually don’t want to see them die. That’s Bill. Dude is just so damn down to earth it doesn’t make sense. The fact that the daughter he raised requested her bedtime movie be “Shogun Assassin” ( trust me Wu tang fans were foaming at the mouth when the “Liquid Swords” intro started playing ) is a testament to his quirky but seasoned and wise killer vibe. After you saw what he did to the Bride you still expect him to get what’s coming to him but a part of you is like “damn. I wish they could work it out somehow” cause dude brings such a fly element to the movie. Rather than see him as just a cold blooded killer ( Like Elle ) you see him as a father and a man that was hurt by a woman he loved. But don’t get it twisted, he still always let’s you know what he’s capable of.

Now. On to the whole immaculate beauty thing. I gotta keep it real with y’all. I saw this movie on bootleg for the first time. My man hit me off with the DVD and I rocked it out for like 2 weeks straight. Seriously I would literally play this movie everyday. When it ended I would start over. For 2 weeks straight. The reason I bring this up is because there was one scene I kept on rewinding like a dope Big pun verse. It was the part where the Bride was walking through the desert on her way to kill Bud. As the song “sunny road to Selina” ( Check my remix of “My 1st song” on my Jay-Z remix album to see how much I love this song ) played in the background the image mixed with the music just hypnotized me unlike any other movie ever did. Seriously, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I rewound that part a million times just staring at the screen and listening to the music. It’s not a major part in the plot at all but IT JUST WORKS. Any other song in that place would not have had the same effect. The music was as important to the scene as the image was and they combined to make immaculate beauty. This movie is full of things like that. Moments that hit you in the heart more than the funny bone. You saw the Bride cut through the Crazy 88’s in the first one. Here you see her train to get that good. Pai Mei is no picnic so when you see her earn his respect you feel for her even more. Even though this movie is the end piece to the saga in many ways it’s a prequel as you get to really see the inner workings of the characters you caught glimpses of in the first one and fully realize the dynamics of the Brides world.

That’s why “Kill Bill” as a whole is my favorite movie of all time. All the references come together flawlessly and the execution is blessed with that special coat of divinity that mark’s all true artistic genius. Hate it or love it, I don’t really care. To me “Kill Bill” is a masterpiece on all levels and solidified more than ever Tarantino’s place in cinematic history.




Part 1

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Remember the first time you really bumped your head hard on something? A cupboard, the floor, somebody else’s head, whatever. Remember the slight feeling of being dazed that hit you as your brain tried to soak in all that just happened. That is what the end of this movie left me like.

Quentin Tarantino solidified his spot in cinematic history way before he made this. But yo, this to me was his Livin Proof/Only built 4 Cuban Linx. This was literally ALL the shit a lot of people grew up on compressed into one movie. ( it starts with a Klingon proverb for Pete’s sake ) Simple in plot ( and brilliantly so in dialogue as well ); incredible in execution. I once saw a flick where I literally did not give a shit about the main character or anyone in the movie. That was never the case with this movie. From “The bride” ( as Uma Thurman’s character is referred to since here name is bleeped out anytime anyone mentions it ) to Nikki Bell ( Vivica Fox’s character Vernita Green’s daughter ) the movie is packed with people that stay with you even if they only appear on screen for a short time. Hell, people still speculate that Nikki will grow up and hunt down the Bride for killing her mother in a Kill Bill sequel.

The movie ( for the five people who didn’t see it ) is about Uma playing an assassin who wants to leave the life behind when she get’s pregnant. She gets betrayed by her former crew and wakes up after a bullet induced coma to seek revenge. Like I said, simple in plot. The execution is where it gets crazy. I think the references are where it really shines. Everything from the fact we never see “Bill” ( R.I.P. to the homie David Carradine who played the part remarkably ) to the fact “the bride" has many unknown things about her even though she is the protagonist gives the movie a very 70’s action drama feel. Everything from zooming into the eyes when she's about to fight, to the deadly viper name flashes on screen give it enough humor to offset how dark the movie actually is. Parents are murdered in front of their children, people get shot up in Church and the INFAMOUS tea house scene let you know this is some seriously ill blood and guts shit going on.

While the story and Dialogue are purposefully simple in homage to the olden days action/Martial arts features that inform a lot of this movie. The acting, pacing and references is where the true power comes through. Uma really makes you feel for her. When she kills Vernita you may not fully realize her quest yet but by the time she kills Buck ( yeah you know Buck ) you already start rooting for her. The randomness of certain things like the Yakuza argument where dude flips out then start's fanning himself keeps you laughing and the black and white parts, the animated origin of Oren Ishi and such spark memories of that classic movie/anime you know you saw a while back but cant recall in detail.

Another demographic this film will appeal to is the beat making crowd. Brilliantly scored by The Rza ( if you don’t know who that is KILL YOUR DAMN SELF ) the movie is jam packed with ill music that had producers running from the theater to MPC to flip something. From Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang, bang”, to the raw theme song used for the Crazy 88’s entrance to the tea house, to the Zamfir song that had all Killarmy fan’s yelling “Yooooooo that’s the joint 4th disciple flipped”. The music was such a classic element to the movie that the songs still turn up today in commercials.

Intense, funny, graphic, this movie is what good cinema is about to me. I saw it in the movies 4 times and I still watch it on DVD. Totally engrossing. This ain't the sort of flick you have on in the back ground. Like the aforementioned Group Home and Raekwon albums, you have to fully pay attention to what is going on to realize that this is one of the dopest pieces of art ever. Some may not be able to stomach the gore but if they close their eyes for those parts and watch the rest, I think even they could not deny that Tarrintino knocked another one out the park with this movie.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maxwell - Fistful Of Tears (video)

Maxwell = Amazing. That's all. Absolute genius. Barely made a wrong step since 'Urban Hang Suite'. Just watch, please.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Artist Feature: DJ Rob Swift

This is one man who needs no introduction. Any self-respecting Hip Hop fan will know of The X-Ecutioners, one of the most respected and talented DJs crews to ever rock the 1200s. The recent passing of the legendary Roc Raida has brought the guys to the forefront yet again; well, it's not like they ever left, really.

DJ Rob Swift has just released a brand new album entitled 'The Architect', and it's unlike anything you've ever heard before. Hip Hop, Classical, Turntablism. Actually, let's just call it good music.

I was blessed to do the first Australian interview with Rob (shouts to the homegirl Tamia!), so let's get right to it...

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: Hey Rob, how's things man?

Rob Swift: Things are great!

Cee: First up, I checked out the album. All I can say is 'wow'. This is on some next level shit. What was your main inspiration for it?

RS: The inspiration for "THE ARCHITECT" is the genre of classical music. On past albums, Jazz was the driving force for a lot of my creativity. Listen to my first album "THE ABLIST" and you'll hear songs with live bands. Even the album cover was intended to invoke a feel of the old Blue Note record label. Pick up my second album "SOUND EVENT" and discover tracks like "Salsa
Scratch" featuring jazz pianist Bob James. But this time around, about one month prior to begin working on what would later become "THE ARCHITECT", I discovered the genre of classical music. It made such an impression on me that subconsciously I was thinking like a classical composer, working movements and things of that sort. Once I realized this, I embraced it.

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: How do you feel turntablism and classical music are related?

RS: Both the classical musician and turntablist compose music. Its as simple as that. Obviously, the way we compose our music is different. Turntablists do not read sheets of music. A classically trained pianist or violinist does. However what ties us together is the way sound, rhythm and tempo inspire us to make music in the first place. Both the instincts of the
Turntablist and classical composer guide him on what sources of sound to incorporate into a piece, and so on.

Cee: Why the move to use more classical sound on this project?

RS: I felt the need to reinvent my sound. This was my way of giving my audience something new to look forward to regarding my music. It also served as a way of keeping the process of recording new and challenging for me.

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: Why the decision to only include one vocalist on the album?

RS: Well, I was listening by composers like Beethoven, Mozart and especially Frederic Chopin. Their music captured your attention with out the need of a vocalist. I wanted to achieve the same. I didn't want to use the presence of an MC on a particular song as a crutch!

Cee: What do you expect to achieve with this album?

RS: My goal on all of my albums was to emphasize the turntable is a musical instrument in the hands of the right DJ. For skeptics that didn't believe it when release my prior albums, there's no way than can deny it after listening to "THE ARCHITECT".

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: Was this more of a personal record or something for the people?

RS: I put my heart into everything I do. Thus, this album was just as personal as all my other releases. Likewise, I like to stimulate my audience and challenge the way they hear music so in that sense its for the people!

Cee: How did you meet Mike Patton and link up with his label?

RS: I first met Mike Patton at a show the X-ecutioners collaborated with him on in Canada. This was many years ago. Later on, we recorded an album with Mike entitled "GENERAL PATTON VS THE X-ECUTIONERS". Most recently, I toured with Mike as a member of his band "Peeping Tom". All of this allowed us to develop a strong musical connection. So midway through the completion of my album, I reached out to Mike about releasing "THE ARCH..." And after
listening to a rough draft of the album Mike responded in a very positive way to it and offered to draw up a recording deal on behalf of his label Ipecac Recordings.

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: How did the passing of Roc Raida affect you both as a musician and as a friend?

RS: As a musician, it makes me appreciate what I do for a living even more. It's easy to grow tired of the countless hours spent on planes, trains and automobiles on your quest to tour the globe spreading the word about a particular project. It's easy to get comfortable in what you've accomplished in the past and play it safe, only doing just enough at a show or in the recording studio. But Raida passing away is a reminder that you can't take life and the opportunities life offers us, for granted. Raida showed us that none of us know what's waiting for us around the corner so its important for you and I to give everything we do 110% because after we're
gone our work on this earth is what carries on our legacy. As a friend, Raida showed me the important roll we all play in each others lives. Raida and I motivated each other to be the best DJ, producer, musician and all around person. At times we accomplished this through being creative. Other times we accomplished this did it through it was through working out
creative and personal differences. Our friendship was deep. Tumultuous at times because of the passion we have but full of love as well. We were like brothers! I'll miss him forever and for this reason I dedicated "THE ARCHITECT" to him!

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: Tell us about the live show for the album.

RS: The live show is something you definitely must witness in person. Let's just say you won't be disappointed. I'm usually drenched in sweat by the finally of the show.

Cee: Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

RS: At the moment, I'm working on a DVD documenting "THE ARCHITECT" world tour!

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: What's the plans for the immediate future?

RS: Work, work, work and work some more to promote my album!

Cee: Are you getting down to Australia any time soon?

RS: Thanks to a fine trio of Australians (Tamia, MJ and Aaron - WHAT UP!) I will be touring Australia this May! It'll be my first solo tour their and I'm really excited about it!

DJ Rob Swift

Cee: Any message for the fans?

RS: I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the various shows I'll be having in Australia and please support my new album!

Cee: Thanks for your time man!

RS: Thank you!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: 360 vs Keynote

I ain't seen a good battle for a minute, so the homie 360 gave me some inspiration. Dude came in and absolutely ass raped Keynote from the jump. It's a three verse battle, but just watch 360's last verse - wow. Next level battling.

By the way, Thesaurus and Madness were the main dudes who were there for the battle - they went tag team against 60 and Justice. I'ma post that as soon as they throw it up.

DJ Krush- Zen Approach (ft. Black Thought)

I recently started listening to DJ Krush (I know I'm late). All of his stuff is dope but this one track stood out to me because of the Black Thought feature. Do yourself a favor and check this out...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drake - Over (video)

New Drizzy. Cool shit. Actually starting to look forward to this album, though I have a feeling it won't quite live up to 'So Far Gone'. Here's hoping though...

Cee & Bekah feat Theology3 - Livin' This Life (download)

Cee & Bekah feat Theology3 - Livin' This Life

Aight, so this is some FRESH shit right here.

We were lucky enough to work with the big homie Theology3, outta Toronto, Canada. My boy Hustle Beats was putting together his new mixtape 'Borderline', and he hit us up for a joint. I suggested that we work with Theo, who we knew from appearing on his radio show, Stylistik Endeavours, when we were in TO back in '08. Hustle made it happen and BANG, we made a classic.

We recently performed this joint in Melbourne and it went down real well (minus Theo, unfortunately). Cop this track as a FREE download below, and hit us with any feedback!

Download Cee & Bekah feat Theology3 - Livin' This Life

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Cee be on...The Temper Trap

Back to my skinny jeans music...

So I've been on The Temper Trap for a minute - an indie rock outfit from Melbourne who are making some serious noise around the globe. However, I've only really gotten into 'em hard lately. These cats are playing in Melbourne in July so I'm already preparing myself for the gig.

Check the video for 'Science Of Fear' above; I tried to lace y'all with 'Sweet Disposition' but the damn thing was barred from embedding (a practice which I still don't understand).

Friday, April 9, 2010

D2S - All Day (video throwback)

HUGE shouts to the big homie Kebrasca (the dude with the vest and the hair in the above video) for hitting me with this one.

My dude was in a group called D2S back in New Zealand, and this joint, 'All Day', was released in 2002. These cats were pretty big over there - mad gigs, support slots, radio/TV appearances, video rotations, the works. Brasca hit me with this today, so I thought I'd share it with y'all.

My man will be appearing on a bunch of Movement Fam projects coming up, including Notion's forthcoming mixtape 'On The Corner of Notion & 9th: A Tribute To 9th Wonder' - we're releasing the sponsors for this shortly, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rhymefest feat. John Mayer - Letter [Directed by Court Dunn]

Y'all been knew I fucks with Court Dunn's video game.

His latest in the One Shot series is with Rhymefest, who apparently jacked the joint that Wale rocked with John Mayer - exactly the same hook, though the beat is a bit different (I actually prefer the Wale version).

Either way, both the track and video is dope.

Music Is My Life, Life Is My Hobby


Tokyo Cigar

Current mood: indescribable
Category: Music

"Durable physically fit raps articulate/ you get your whole skeleton cracked something ridiculous/" DAMN !!! It's a shame that very few artist in the game can still kick shit as visually stunning as that. Ah! Hell on Earth. An album that marked transitions in so many ways it's crazy. The drums havoc flipped still had that stone hard feel ( perfectly described by my man OX as "the type of snare that makes you blink involuntarily when that shit drops" ) , but also sported the cleanness that would eventually dominate mainstream rap's sound. The Infamous Mobb appearance was also significant in the sense that The Alchemist was brought in through their affiliation with DJ Muggs. On a personal note 96 was the year that i came back over here after 3 years of living in Ireland doing the boarding school thing. ( Blackrock STAND UP ) While kicking it with my cousins in London ( where i always spent holidays at ) i saw the review for the G.O.D. father part 3 single in the Source and was feinding for it in Europe but copped it in Greenbelt MD ( Springhill Lake STAND UP ) , so the album also represents a big transitional period in my life being where i went from classy to fly and ashy.

Which brings me to the main point about why music is life for me. I went from balling out in spots like Paris and Knightsbridge to busting my ass working over at Alabama ave in Southeast D.C. and living in the Kirkwood apartments in Hyattsville ( where my man Stix from Franklin ave in B.K. swore that the buildings reminded him of some low rise projects down to the corner store ) and no matter where i was at, Music always had a way of overpowering anything that was going on in life. For example, sticking with the Mobb deep theme. I remember waiting on Grafton Street in the city center of Dublin to link up with this chick i met at the movies. To kill time i jetted up the block from the McDonalds i was supposed to meet her to see what was new at H.M.V. Walking downstairs to where you could find their rap section i walked up and i saw it. The big "IT". Staring me in my dumbstruck face baring a sticker that read IMPORT was the cover of Mobb Deeps "The Infamous". Top 40 shit was bumping through the in store speakers, dozens of people buzzed around buying and selling shit and the only thing that i was aware of was the the bone chilling guitar riff of "shook ones part 2", the relentlessly evil undertone Havoc served up using bass and drums spliced together flawlessly on "cradle to the grave" ( the track that made me start putting vinyl static on my beats for extra ambiance ) and the way that the sample used on "if it's alright with you" ( WHY WAS THIS TRACK NOT ON THE ALBUM )gave me a warm yet sad feeling every time i heard it. Oh! by the way , big up to Tim Westwood for playing these tracks on his show before the album dropped. Needless to say i copped it, stood shorty up ( it's all good cause i was wrong for trying to cheat on my girl any way ) hopped on the train back to school, pressed play and was immediately struck by the haunting string plucks of "start of your ending". ( COT DAMN!!!! THAT BEAT IS STILL HARD AS HELL 12 YEARS AFTER IT CAME OUT ) from start to finish nothing else mattered. On the flipside one day coming home from work in D.C. I was exhausted beyond anything i had experienced before. Rent was looming, stress in the crib and various other things were kicking your boy in the the teeth. Jumping off the greenline train in Hyattsville i was mad tight at the world. I had my headphones off for the train ride cause i was reading ( now and then i go through a bookworm phase ) after exiting the station i threw my joints on cause cars, buses and hundreds of people just as tired as you are is not really a relaxing soundtrack. I skipped the J-Love "Hidden darts" Mixtape to "The Sun" and from the intro( with Ghost talking over lush strings and a flute so serene that it could put anybody in a beautiful coma ) to the outro, nothing else mattered. Rent was still due but music was still more powerful than stress. When the headphones came off the stress was still there but for that little while i was bulletproof to that shit and that is why to me music is life. I read somewhere that Egyptians used to say that music was medicine for the soul and i feel that way too. That's why die hard wu tang fans that never knew each other can stop and have a 40 minute convo with each other based on nothing but the heavy love we got for the killa beez ( whut up Reynard the grandmaster of the wu tang collections )

I thank God for every little good and bad time i had in life cause ultimately it made me a better writer and producer. Cats ask me how i can make sample free beats like "beautiful scarz" that tend to have a lot of emotion seeped in without any formal training. ( shit i flunked music theory class with an incomplete grade ) The answer is this. Any one of my fam that has seen me loose my mind at a show when a certain song drop's or seen me jump out my seat screaming when they hit me with a cd i had been dying to hear, they have the key, which is. I LOVE THIS SHIT. Fuck it. That's all. Solo single no more no less. I'm a fully operational music geek. I'm the dude that reads album credits meticulously cause i want to know everything about that shit cause music just has that effect on me. I don't know if my zodiac sign has anything to do with it. I rock the Aquarius sign ( fellow cats like Dr. Dre famous for his marathon studio sessions know about the love and from what i read about him the late great J Dilla knew too. note: I am NOT comparing myself to these legends so don't go flying off the handle ) and people say that cats like us bang out joints too much due to a heavy love for creativity, but if that's what makes somebody happy why brake that love.

Before i bounce let me hit you with this havoc line that just passed ( I really do got that that Hell on earth shit on the side of me ) "hit you up/ from the waist up/ that's how it is and how it is is kinda fucked up/ but the beats banging/ got your whole click singing/ on the corner while it's ringing/" Life is gonna stay fucked up and complicated but everyone from thugs on the corner to stressed out white kids in mosh pits, to grown folks catching a show by The Manhattans can attest that just TURNING UP THAT GOOD SHIT AND ENJOYING IT always has a good effect.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes (video)

A kindly thank you goes out to the homie Chainz from Sinergy Crew for this amazing video. I usually find this shit mildly funny and had it on in the background while I was doing other stuff, and I cracked the fuck up. Too awesome for words.

By the way, just saw comedian Jamie Kilstein again tonight. Dude is now my favourite comedian, please go see his show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (video)

The man now known in Australia as Maya Jupiter's husband-to-be, Aloe Blacc, has always been a sleeper in my book. I messed with the Emanon project he did with Exile but I wasn't feeling his solo shit that much, until I heard that joint. I swear it was a sample that started it off - but dude has a voice. If this is any indication of his upcoming album, I'm vibed for it. I'm about to go put his solo shit back on the iPod...

The Movement Fam LIVE @ Evelyn - Part 7

So here's the final video from The Movement Fam's set the other weekend at Evelyn. This is the first time we'd performed 'Scream At Ya Muhhfuckin' at the end of a set, and it went down amazingly well, so I reckon we'll keep rockin' it to end on a high...

Melbourne heads, just a reminder, hit us up for tickets to our next gig on April 23rd at Espy Gershwin Room, supporting the Impregnito EP Launch! Should be HUGE!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Movement Fam LIVE @ Evelyn - Part 6

Second last video - this one is from the kid Notion, featuring the big homie Whisper on 'New Wave' (from 'World Domi-NoTiOn'). Always a high energy joint and a crowd fave.

Oh and just so y'all know, The Movement Fam has a gig coming up supporting soul/funk group Impregnito's EP launch on Friday 23rd April at the Espy Gershwin Room. Get down there!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hugs are the work of the devil

So last night I saw what was arguably the funniest and intelligent comedy show I've ever seen, courtesy of Jamie Kilstein. Being a left-leaning, liberal kind of bloke, everything Jamie said permeated with my beliefs, hence my extreme bias to the amazingness of his show.

Anyway, one of the highlights was the Christian Side Hug. I found a video (below) on YouTube that breaks it down for y'all. I have no words. I'm a staunch athiest and very anti-organised religion, but this is out of control. There are seemingly no bounds to the insanity of the Christian church. Just watch.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Movement Fam LIVE @ Evelyn - Part 5

Next up...Mr. Tommy Gunnz' solo moment, crowd favourite 'Cop Yourself Some Gunnz'. This joint always goes down well live, so we're itching for dude to murk out his mixtape, 'Garden State Warrior'. Peep!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Movement Fam LIVE @ Evelyn - Part 4

I'ma keep the videos dribbling in over the long weekend to give y'all something to look forward to :)

This joint is a BANGER we recently did with the homie Theology3 (Toronto, Canada), with Hustle Beats on production. You can download 'Livin' This Life' right now FREE!

GZA- Shadowboxin / 4th Chamber (Video)

I was on youtube looking at a bunch of older videos and came across this. I had never seen the video for this before so I figured I'd post. Hope you all enjoy! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Movement Fam LIVE @ Evelyn - Part 3

So we got even more for ya. These two are some of my favourite tracks from our recent projects. First up is 'The Last Hope' off 'The Soul Movement Vol 3', and the second is 'My Crew', which originally featured on 'World Domi-NoTiOn' but the version with Tommy Gunnz will be on Tommy's 'Garden State Warrior'. Peep!