Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears official video

I am straight up in love with Jazmine Sullivan.

'Lions, Tigers & Bears' is the latest single off her debut album, 'Fearless'. Caught this video on Kev's site, had to re-post as it was in my Top 10 Best Songs of 2008 list, courtesy of the homie Sean Deez posting his review in the first place and putting me on. This chick is the future.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Understudies "CC3 Tour...Or Something" w/ Influence & Ro Knew + Maleko

The Understudies CC3 Tour

That's right, for all those in the West Coast area of the USA, we got a lil something for ya.

The homies The Understudies are embarking on a West Coast tour throughout January and February, with the first show kicking off tonight, Friday January 30th at Bollyhood, 3372 19th St @ Mission, San Francisco.

Over the month or so, the tour will feature The Understudies, Influence & Ro Knew, After Hijrah, Maleko & Optimus Rhymes, Incognito, and DJ MRC.

Click on the banner to check out the Facebook invite, and also peep the Understudies MySpace page for more info.

Lykke Li @NTBR Part 4- "Hustlin"

I just recently found about about this artist Lykke Li after hearing her on a track with Drake. She is pretty good, more after the jump.

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'" from Drew Innis on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Termanology - Tight Pants Are For Girls

Finally, someone dropped a track talking about this epidemic.

Termanology goes in over a Primo beat with a bunch of hilarious lines talking about these new age homo thugs. Seriously, the next kid wearing tight pants who tells me they're a Hip Hop head is gonna get smacked. If it's anyone I'm down with... we ain't down no more.

"Since when is it cool to dress like a dude who fucks another dude? Y'all To Wong Foo!"

Download here and please, leave the tight pants for the women...

Lupe Fiasco @ Palace, Melbourne on Tues 27th January 2009

It's been a hot minute since Lupe was in town. Probably around a year, maybe more. We caught his show last time around, and shit was off the chain. He's a very energetic performer and knows how to work the crowd.

This time around, Lupe was in Australia for the Big Day Out festival, possibly the biggest festival in the country. So of course, dude hooked up a little side show while he's in town.

Pez, Hailey Cramer and Matik

Melbourne is currently having a bit of a heat wave, with temperatures in excess of 40 degrees Celsius all this week. And with the Lupe show going down the day after Australia Day, shit was bound to be hectic. Pez opened up the show, with a dope set alongside DJ Matik, 360 and Hailey Cramer (from Blue King Brown, one of my fave local roots bands). Dude is killin' shit right now, big ups, Perry.

Pez and Hailey Cramer

Muph & Plutonic came up after Pez, and I've never been a fan of these dudes but I gotta say, although Muph is one of the most chilled MC's I've ever heard, his live presence is great. And the set with Plutonic on the drums and DJ Bonez on the decks really worked. They stayed on for too long, though.

Lupe Fiasco

So then it was Lupe time. Dude exploded onto the stage (no homo) with a full live band, and the sound man done fucked up, so he had to adjust levels and come back out again.

Lupe Fiasco

'Kick Push' started off proceedings, and even in the sweat box that is the Palace, the crowd went spastic.

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe ran through all the faves, including single 'Superstar', 'Sunshine', 'Hip Hop Saved My Life', 'Day Dreaming', 'American Terrorist', 'Go Go Gadget Flow' (which went OFF!), 'Paris Tokyo', 'Hi-Definition', 'Streets On Fire', 'Dumb It Down' and possibly more I forgot about. And when he came out for the encore in a politically inspired tee spouting 'Free Gaza', the crowd went insane.

Lupe Fiasco

Definitely set a new standard for live shows, in The Fam's eyes. Not since Common have we seen such a hyped performance. And after reading the homegirl Kate Jean's blog on her Lupe experience, it's fairly clear the dude is loopy as fuck. Either way, he puts on a mean live show. Big ups.

Lupe Fiasco

Daily Domi-NoTiOn produced by Isjberg (Denmark)

Notion - Daily Domi-NoTiOn produced by Isjberg

The homie outta Denmark, Isjberg, is crazy on the boards. And after hearing Notion's acapella's for the Kevin Nottingham Remix competition, dude decided to do his own remix project, by combining Notion's vocals with samples from Gangstarr's classic 'Daily Operation' album to create 'Daily Domi-NoTiOn'.

Download 'Daily Domi-NoTiOn'

Check out Isjberg's blog post on 'Daily Domi-NoTiOn'

And here's the tracklisting while we're at it:

  1. Introduction [Daily Operation]
  2. My Mic [Flip the Script]
  3. Enter My World [Soliloquy of Chaos]
  4. My Crew [I'm the Man]
  5. 25-8-366 [24 7 365]
  6. We So Fly [No Shame in My Game]
  7. It’s Nuffin [2 Deep]
  8. Set me Free [Conspiracy]
  9. Cold Steel [Illest Brother]
  10. Push Pedal [Hardcore Composer]
  11. Talkin Shit [BYS]
  12. The New Wave [Take Two and Pass]

Nike Dunk Low Premium "Teen Wolf"

I like Dunks.

I was never one to care too much about the kicks I wear, and although I own some colourful pairs I've never gone too crazy with it.

Well... if I ever was going to get crazy with it, these would be the shoes I would start with.

This particular pair of Dunk Low Premium kicks takes its inspiration from the glorious 80's movie that you just know you watched if you grew up in that era. That movie is Teen Wolf, from back when Michael J Fox was a teen heartthrob actor with his whole life in front of him.

Check these out...

Apparently there were only 72 pairs released worldwide, so if you want these hit up osneaker. They have a few smaller sizes left at the time of this post.

Good luck.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Louis Vuitton is Official

Kanye West and his Louis Vuitton kicks

Aight, we've heard talk about these joints for a hot minute now, but it looks like we finally have official pics of the Kanye West Louis Vuitton collab, and a release date - June 2009. Click any image for more info.

Kanye West Black Louis Vuitton shoes

Kanye West Red Louis Vuitton shoes

The 'Colourways' come in black, red and white (couldn't get a pic of the white ones). Though the brown leather versions (below) are apparently not available as yet - they might have been 'Yeezy customs.

I kinda dig 'em to be honest. They definitely have that Hip Hop/Air Force 1 flavour to them. On the blog where I found 'em, it mentioned that the back of the kicks has a 'back wing' that stops your jeans dragging on the ground or getting caught up in the shoes. Which is amazing, I hate it when that happens. I wonder how much they'll be?

Kanye West Brown Louis Vuitton shoes

Also, these two other joints below were on the blog too. Dunno if they're Kanye kicks or just other random Louis shoes, but they're kinda fly, except for the whole pink thing.

Kanye West Grey Louis Vuitton shoes

Kanye West Pink Louis Vuitton shoes

And finally, here's a little video of Kanye in Paris talking about the kicks and how his swagger is sitting on a hundred thousand trillion.

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

The Movement Fam Model Feature: Regina Ross

The grind-a-holic Ms. Regina Ross has taken a minute out of her busy schedule to chop it up with ya main man DJ Grain. Not only is she a model but she also a student and CEO of a magazine publication that focuses on spoken word poetry.

DJ Grain: Where are you from?
Regina Ross: I am from South Carolina, born in a town called Sumter and raised in the capitol, which is Columbia.

DJ Grain: How many years have you been modeling?
Regina Ross: I have been modeling for 15 years.

DJ Grain: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?
Regina Ross: Some misconceptions that people may have about models is we are not very intellectual and that we have to be a certain size or height. Models come in all shapes and sizes, I consider a model a person who has something to market physically or mentality wise. I myself have many talents. I write poetry and I am in the process of publishing my own magazine for spoken word artist. Poets Serenity is one of my biggest projects because I have been writing much longer than modeling. I am also going to school for Medical Billing and Coding, which is a stable career choice I have made to maintain learning something new in the medical field, as it consistently changes all the time.

DJ Grain: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?
Regina Ross: Some of the shows I have been involved in was as a promotional model for a show Dungeon Family's own Backbone did back in South Carolina at the Coliseum; I was a featured model for a show UrbMob did at Lotus Lounge for new and upcoming artists. I also did a commercial for Pin Strikes Bowling Alley, MTV's Album release party for T.I. at the Velvet Room. Fashion shows by Elegante, House of Style By Monique, LaChic Hair Studio, BBK Apparrel, Ruff Ryders Film Casting for The System Within, Black Experience Magazine, and various modeling competitions by international model and talent search companies.

DJ Grain: What photographers have you worked with?
Regina Ross: I have worked recently with Thad Fauster, D. Divine, J.W. Enterprises, JandD Images, K. Jones, Glamour Shots Promotional Model, and the list goes on...

DJ Grain: What photographers would you like to work with?
Regina Ross: I would love to work with Essence Magazine, Elite, Sean John, Baby Phat, Whilemenia, Black Barbies, Sean Anthony Photography, Leo Marshall, Ms. B. Breezy, XOXO. I would like to work with so many people, it would probably take all day to just name them all. But I would most definitely love to work with some of the top marketing agencies.

DJ Grain: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?
Regina Ross: The grind of modeling is persistence and taking the time out to go out and network and market yourself, so people can get a feel of your personality because they are not always looking for that look - sometimes they want to see what your personality is like. And I feel like if you're a go getter than you can reach the goals you set. Going on photo shoots, open calls, networking, and just putting your foot forward to the work you have already invested time into. I feel like you can only do what God will allow you to do at that moment in your life, but patience and persistence will pay off eventually.

DJ Grain: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry?
Regina Ross: Simply to just know God has your back and have faith. If you're a single parent and out here trying to do your thing, keep pushing and keep praying. I know what it's like, God is not blind and definitely not asleep. Stick with your dreams and don't give up when it gets hard you get stronger, and you learn to be thankful for the good and the bad to cherish and endure all the blessings he has in store for you as you go through all the trials.

Contact info:
Regina Ross Myspace

Barack Runs DC

Barack Obama Run DC tshirts

Yup, didn't take 'em long. Peep these shirts. I love these politically inspired joints (peep the Lupe Fiasco show pics coming up later today), and this one is freshhhhhhhhhh.

Peep the official Run DC online store.

Pez hits #7 on JJJ Hottest 100!

Big shouts to the homie Pez, who on Australia Day, made it to the number 7 spot on the 2009 JJJ Hottest 100. Here's some info from the media release to explain it better:

"Rising hip-hop star PEZ has outshone some of the biggest names in alternative music to reach number seven in the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2009, with his debut single 'The Festival Song'.

The track, taken from PEZ's 2008 album 'A Mind Of My Own', beat out stiff competition from the likes of The Presets and The Ting Tings to claim the number seven spot and achieve the highest ranking of any independent artist in the countdown.

The Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual list of the 100 most popular songs of the year, as voted by Triple J listeners nationally. This year's countdown was compiled from the favourite songs of more than 800,000 people - the highest number of voters in Hottest 100 history."

Great work brother, it's dope to see one of the MC's from the local scene that we all came up in make some serious noise. Props!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cee & Bekah - Best Of Me featuring Notion LEAK!

Cee & Bekah

Yes indeed...another week, another leak. That rhymed. Hence why I'm a rap singer.

So the homie Kev Nottingham has posted the first leak from Cee & Bekah's 'The Soul Movement Volume 3' mixtape, due in a few months time.

The song is called 'Best Of Me' and features Notion. The soul is more than evident here and is totally indicative of the direction of the new release.

Click the image or link below and get the free tune and holla back with some comments!

Download Cee & Bekah - Best Of Me' featuring Notion

The Movement blog video intro...

Filmed on Monday, January 26th 2009, (Australia Day), at St. Kilda Sea Baths.

Oh, and we set up a Vimeo account too...peep that whenever you check the YouTube!

The Movement video intro from The Movement Fam on Vimeo.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Beached As - Auto Tuned

Some retarded shit. 'Nuff said.

DJ Grain Ear to the Streets Weekly Hip Hop News Wrap Up - January 24th 2009

In the world of Hip Hop, this had been another wild week. To top it all off, Phonte (of Little Brother) let loose on Kanye West, letting his feelings about Yeezy's latest album and the autotune madness. Barack Obama has now officially been confirmed as the President of the United States.

Joe Budden


Just Blaze had to mediate to severe beef between Joe Budden and Saigon before things got physical or violent.


Kanye West

Phonte has called Kanye West a coward for his latest album. All that autotune ish did not impress Phonte, who said that '808s & Heartbreak' was garbage and if he really had talent he would have used his real voice.


Former Bad Boy rapper Mark Curry has broken his silence of Puff's crazy business tactics. In some cases, Diddy would charge his own artists to appear on their songs and in their videos. The worst thing was that Diddy would insist his artists have his Bentley in all their videos, then charge them and write off his car as a tax credit for business purposes.


J-Dilla's family unfortunately is not getting anything from the sale of his beats. His money is tied up in medical bills and IRS debt that his estate still owes. In this case, it is very bad because his mom, who now has lupus, is not getting anything and also his daughters are not getting a dime from his estate.

'Til next week y'all, take care and stay tuned for more news.



Happy Australia Day


To all the Australians out there, both soaking it up on our own shores and those ex-pats enjoying a VB and vegemite sanga overseas - Happy Australia Day!

Here's what Wikipedia says about it:

"Australia Day, also known as Anniversary Day and Foundation Day, is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, the day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, the unfurling of the British flag at Sydney Cove and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia."

So basically, today we celebrate both the official creation of our great country, and also the fact that a bunch of white folks claimed 'Terra nullius' on a land occupied by what is possibly the oldest surviving culture on earth, stole their land, committed genocide on their people, treated them as less than human (an attitude which remains today) and even stole their kids mid-last century. Go Australia!

Dope furniture...or skuniture?

So I was just cruising the net, enjoying my Australia Day Eve hangover, and stumbled across this cool ass shit. I was scanning through a little site called Robust Flavor, which mainly is an online store for kicks, accessories, clothes and whatnot, and found this little puppy:

Skateboard seat

Dope. Hella ingenius. I love it when folks come up with shit like this. It's called 'Skuniture Legs', and here's what the site has to say about it:

"Skuniture Legs. Each order comes with a set of 2 legs that fit any standard skate deck. When complete the table/bench stands 16.5 inches tall. Cold steel wire is formed and welded into incredibly strong, simple legs. You have two finishes to choose from: powder coated black or chrome plated. Manufactured in USA."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

J The S - My Will mixtape

J The S

The homie J. Master in New York has a serious stable, and one cat, J The S, has just released his latest mixtape, My Will, hosted by DJ Warrior and Peter Parker.

Dude is ridiculous on the mic, and this here mixtape has some serious features, including Kool G. Rap, Saigon, B.o.B, Emilio Rojas and Donnie Goines. It's also mostly original production too, so it might as well be an album. Cop that!

J The S

Download J The S - My Will (Hosted by DJ Warrior & Peter Parker)

1,000 Visits Strong!!!!

In the world of blogging, 1,000 visits to a site may not seem like much, but to us it is great. There is much more dope iddish to come so stay tuned for more after the jump.

Friday, January 23, 2009

George Bush.....Funniest Man in America Period

Our Commander in Chief will surely be missed by all.

One of the Best Dunks Ever...Move Over MJ...Jarret Johnson is Taking the Crown

This is crazy, how this guy got away with a charge I do not know. This guy literally jumps off the guy in mid air.....crazy. Watch the guy at the bottom of the screen do a victory lap funny stuff.

George Bush.....Great President or Greatest President of All Time...You Be the Judge

43rd President of the United States at the Inauguration of Barak Obama...this is just plain sad. I have nothing else to say.

Vote for Emilio!!

That's right, the homie Emilio Rojas (aka Raks One) has a brand new video out, That Time. And it's up against four other video's on MTV U's 'The Freshman' competition. Check out the link below to vote for the video - and you can vote as many times as you like!

Vote for 'That Time' on MTV U's 'The Freshman'

Also, Emilio has released a freestyle, 'Let It Out (Bounce)' over Timbaland's 'The Bounce' to support the video.

Download Emilio Rojas' 'Let It Out (Bounce)' Freestyle

Here's the vid if you wanna just check the steez. Emilio is ridiculous; this kid is gonna do big things this year. And y'all might just hear Emilio on future releases from The Movement Fam...

Emilio Rojas

Tunji Freestyle on KUBE FM LIVE!

What it do bloggers?

This is a special treat for you in my eyes, it was graced on my Facebook wall by the one and the only, DJ HYPHEN. If you wanna see the dopest freestyle you've heard in ages, PEEP THIS. 2 minutes of the super dope Tunji from the group Inverse straight outta Cali shows ya how to hold it the fuck down LIVE on KUBE FM yo!

Tunji (of Inverse) freestyles on KUBE 93's Sound Session from DJ Hyphen on Vimeo.


Please leave a comment, coz you know you should.
Damn Tunj, damn!


The Movement Fam Model Feature: Mylky Yuki

The second of's model features, this time around we swung back Down Under to chat with Ms Mylky Yuki, a young lady who is definitely making power moves in the '09. Her hustle is evident as soon as you see her vast array of shoots, and her international recognition should surface this year in the form of a move across seas to step to the next level. Plus, Mylky even hit us with the freshest of fresh photos, which were taken on a shoot yesterday. Read on...

Mylky Yuki

Name: Known as Mylky but I'd prefer Maiya.

Cee: Where are you from?

Mylky: I'm from Sydney, Australia.

Cee: How many years have you been modeling?

Mylky: Officially, I started in 2006 so two years, but before that I did pageants.

Mylky Yuki

Cee: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?

Mylky: To me, it would be THAT WE DON'T EAT! LOL, and that our vocabulary only consists of "um, ah, and yea that's hot, that's cute!"

Mylky Yuki

Cee: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?

Mylky: Zoo magazine as Girl of the Week, yeah baby!

Cee: What photographers have you worked with?

Mylky: Juice, Jase and Cosmopolitan.

Mylky Yuki

Cee: What photographers would you like to work with?

Mylky: I really can't think of any right now. I'll get back to you on that. ;)

Cee: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?

Mylky: The hardest point for me was putting my foot in the door, let alone endure the path. I didn't know who to speak to, how to begin, where to go for help because I didn't have any friends in the industry; but it's gotten easier now. I started by using MySpace to look up photographers, and slowly word of mouth helped me get the gigs I've gotten, and I slowly worked from there. There's no such thing as holidays for us. I always have to come out with new stuff to keep myself in the spotlight.

Mylky Yuki

Cee: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry?

Mylky: If you think you can do it, I think you should, what's there to lose? No one thought I could do it...but I proved them wrong and now I'm laughing when I see them.

Cee: What's your plans from here?

Mylky: Oh, I like this question. I'm working with Ed Hardy in their clothing catalog soon, I've been signed to Ford's Agency in USA, I'm moving to Florida this year. So it's going to be busy for me.

Mylky Yuki

Mylky's MySpace

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Movement Fam Artist Feature - GNZ (Brazil)

Aight, welcome to another artist feature. This time around, we got to chat with the homie GNZ, who represents Belo Horizonte (which literally translates to 'below the horizon'), Minas Gerais, Brazil.

GNZ is one of the most prolific MC's we have come across, and he has been down with The Fam for a hot minute now. We've had the pleasure of working with GNZ and although we have no idea what he's saying on a song, his native Portuguese sounds amazing on the beat, and his often politically inspired lyrics reflect the world around him.

For some (some = around 15 original albums worth) incredible FREE music, check out GNZ's blog, and check what the man had to say after the jump (please note that GNZ answered me in English, which is his second language - I've intentionally kept his wording and grammar as provided to give you the raw interview).


Cee: What up man? How you livin’?

GNZ: What’s good man? Word up! I wanna thank you guys from the for all the support, you know.

Cee: Aight, so tell the folks a little about GNZ – where you come from, what you do and how you got into Hip Hop.

GNZ: Well, I’m from Brazil and I always live in a capital of my state, Minas Gerais. I graduated in Arts in a state college in 2006, but before that I used to work with urban arts in perimeter of my city at the same time that I decided to rap. So, I understood that I’m better with words. Throughout my life, I had contact with musicians and artists in general, so the most people who grew up with me have chosen that way.

We used to live by ourselves in the squares, drinking, smoking and skating by the night. We were kids. And we used to rhyme also just for fun, you know. But the rap that came for us was too much predictable and commercial for those days. Even the North American rap. So I stopped for a couple of years, returning to the pen in 2005 when the underground appears for the mass in Brazil. A drummer friend had mounted a recording studio that year, but he was not even close to rap music. I called him anyway.

So, we start a project called Ponta Pronta after a short conversation in some street bar, you know. It was an MC’s and beat makers collective, where I learned so much. But it didn´t work out. In this same year I was invited to drop with Casa B, and I’m down with those homies until today. And I also have my own work, solo or full of collabos.


Cee: How is the Hip Hop scene in Brazil?

GNZ: I think Hip Hop in Brazil came from the same root, which irrigates all the urban places around the world. Now here, we have a lot of tentacles: the gangstas, the religious, the commercials, the alternative and a lot of others. We can't say that's all the same but it´s all Hip Hop. It’s always growing here.

Cee: What projects are you working on right now?

GNZ: I’m working with collective Casa B: we are 9 artists (MC’s, beat makers, skaters, street painters, musicians and friends). We are finalizing a video of one of our tracks and thinking about a disc for this year. Our first one in almost 4 years of streets! But it´s a little difficult to us to organize all that stuff when we´re 9 crazy dogs, you know. Lol! And as I said, I have my own career too, where I can make by myself, by my way and with all my homies around the world, you know (in about 16 different countries).


Cee: Tell us about your latest album.

GNZ: Okay. Procura-se is the last album I dropped in my blog. You have to listen that to discover what I wanted to mean. It’s all about life, feelings, poetry as almost everything I wrote before. That album has some international collabos. About 20 tracks and I think’s all. You can download that for free, taste that and tell me later about that. Rhythm and poetry. That´s all.

Cee: Alright, I gotta say this, your blog is insane – you have like 15 or so albums for FREE download! And most of them are in the last few years. How do you maintain a work ethic like that?

GNZ: Word! That’s true. I have more then 300 tracks and about 30 albums for free download in my blog. I prefer to think that I have some time to spend with my music. lol


Cee: What are your plans? Are you keen to make a living out of your music?

GNZ: I got no plans, for real. I need to rap, you know. I think the underground could be more then a temporary zone. Or just a step to climb that hill, you know. The underground must to survive all that shit. I believe in an old punk philosophy: Do By Yourself. I must keep that moving until the end. I must keep it on.

Cee: Who have you been working with lately?

GNZ: It’s little hard to talk about who is working with me right now, because I´m always working with a lot of soldiers. I would have to cite several names and I’m afraid to forgetting someone´s, you know. That would be not fair.


Cee: What’s next for GNZ?

GNZ: Word up! I have about 25 brand new tracks to drop soon on the blog so watch out!

Cee: Any words for the people of

GNZ: Thanks again for all that and let’s keep on moving. Life is short, so do what you feel.


Cee: Hit us with your websites…

Cee: Respect!