Monday, April 19, 2010

Skunt Alert...

Hey Guys, This is a song called 'Spectacular' by Kiely Williams. Check out the video below.

Alrighty, the video below is Kiely's response to her video being slammed by media.

So there you have it and quote "Last I remember I was face down, Ass up, Clothes off, Broke off, Dozed off, Even though I ain't sure of his name, but he can get it again if he wanted". REAL Classy Kiely, real classy.

..And the Grammy for shittiest video goes to....Kiely Williams!! I didn't even think this video was a music video at the start, I thought I was watching a 'Hooker' special on 60 minutes. Probably one of the WORST songs and WORST videos I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL about having fun and hittin' the clubs with my girls and dancing my ass off getting shit faced but this song didn't really send that message. Media say she's promoting Date Rape. Hmmm...

I think that this could really affect her musical career and it's not a song that I would want to listen to. This is not classy at all, it's just plain skankalicious. She's a pretty girl with a good voice and this song is not doing her any justice for her career - Choose appropriate songs that suit you.

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