Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A-Diction + Syntax + Whisper on Top Billin 3RRR (download + video)

Y'all might be familiar with the homies Whisper and A-Diction from various mentions on, but alongside their boy Syntax, these fellas came together (pause) for a joint mixtape, In Good Company. Bang.

Check the official word on the project:

"Together the four musicians have created a bond that is reminiscent of some of the most note worthy groups in hip hop history, and featuring a stellar production line up consisting of M-Phazes, Mules (Choose Mics, Hyjak & Torcha), Ciecmate, Jsquared, Lewis One, ATP (Beatkamp Muzik) and Whisper, ‘In Good Company’ will do more than wet the whistles of the eager hip hop loving market, it will forge itself as the standard for all collaborative projects for years to come."

So while you're waiting for In Good Company to download, scroll up and check the fellas recent spot on 3RRR's Top Billin' show as they murder some mics.


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