Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Girl Talk Avoids Sampling & Copyright Lawsuits (video)

I haven't watched this yet but this is riiiiight up our alley (pause).

For any artists out there who utilise samples in their music, this could be extremely useful information. Check the details:

Alex Kreit, Nancy Prager, Andre Smith, and DJ Spooky discuss the curious case of how Girl Talk has successfully utilized over 300 uncleared samples and somehow managed to avoid being sued by the copyright holders. A really interesting discussion for anyone involved in the creation of sample based music.

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infinite archetype said...

Interesting but not really much useful for producing.

Here are my top 5 ways to not get sued:

1) Don't get famous
2) Don't use popular tracks. Use something obscure.
3) Flip it SO bad that it isn't recognisable.
4) Release it anyway and cross your fingers that the right (maybe the correct word would be WRONG) person doesn't hear it. and finally;
5) Clear the sample.