Monday, August 2, 2010

Model Feature - Kendal McSorley

The gorgeous women of New Zealand just keep coming...

We're back again, this time with Miss Kendal McSorley, a stunning model and make up artist. I seriously think that Nelson must have something in the water to breed so many spectacular specimens...

Take it away, Kendal...

Cee: Whatʼs your name?
Kendal: Kendal Leigh Paige McSorley.

Cee: Where are you from?
Kendal: I'm from Nelson New Zealand but currently living in Christchurch.

Kendal McSorley

Cee: How many years have you been modeling?
Kendal: I've been modelling part time for about 5 years.

Cee: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?
Kendal: Models don't eat - definitely not true! I love food :)

Kendal McSorley

Cee: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?
Kendal: Wild Tomato Magazines, Super League Magazine, LOreal INOA Hair Launch Show, and various fashion shows.

Cee: What photographers have you worked with? Kendal: Daniel Allen, Joni Anderson, Tim Skinner and Grant Stirling.

Kendal McSorley

Cee: What photographers would you like to work with?
Kendal: I would love to work with Christina McFarlane and Joni Anderson (again).

Cee: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?
Kendal: Handling rejection and never giving up!

Kendal McSorley

Cee: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry?
Kendal: Being confident and not afraid to give it a go. And not letting what anyone says put you down! "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

Cee: What's your plans from here?
Kendal: I've just recently graduated in a Makeup Artistry course, so working in this industry also continue with modelling and hopefully make it big! Then travel and see the world!

Kendal McSorley

Cee: Hit us with your contact details for folks who want to see more!
Kendal: or Kendal McSorley on Facebook.

Kendal McSorley


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